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  1. Perhaps you're having difficulty reading, as I never once belittled the OP... to the contrary, I gave them a compliment. On a side note, I could care less how many posts you've made, who you are, or your hubristic perspective... your social skills are horrendous, and I really would encourage you to research how to interact with people in an amicable fashion. By all means, you can continue to behave in this childish manor and you'll be ignored.
  2. I'd encourage you to learn how to interact with people and read up on social skills... To believe anyone is going to pay any attention to someone with the tonality in your last post is ignorant to say the least. If you're an adult, act like it... if you're a child, gain some maturity. One would have to choose to install CCC, as it doesn't just magically appear. If someone wants to, in your words, "obliterate it period", that's generally referred to as an uninstall. CCC is installed as it's management software for AMD graphics cards, however, editing the registry to simply prevent it from starting is going overboard. I don't remember if CCC is a required install for AMD drivers since AMD no longer uses CCC. If it is a required install, in your words, "obliterating it" will more than likely lead to issues while utilizing the discrete graphics card.
  3. That is totally not what I'm doing.Per your previous post, "I want to be able to delete them keys to stop Catalyst from starting up with windows 10". There are far easier ways to do this than by editing the registry directly I'm confused by the rest of your post, as it's not about disabling startup entries/services, which is all I was addressing in my previous post.
  4. When taken into the context of your replies to my posts over the past two hours, one would not infer that was your reasoning.
  5. And you repeatedly ask if I have real world experience? Are you sure you're not projecting? dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:z:\install.wim /sourceindex:1 /destinationimagefile:z:\install.esd /compress:recovery /checkintegrity One could also download the ESD2WIM zip file that's been on this forum for years, which includes it's own DISM folder and cmd script.
  6. Since you seem really intent on someone, as you put it, "trying to prove us idiots", expensive, in the way it was used, implied monetary cost. Something can not be monetarily expensive when it's free. By all means, launch into the conspiratorial, tinfoil hat, nonsensical replies about nonexistent points... you and others are superb at it. I however, have far more important things to do that waste time with individuals partaking in this type of nutjob absurdity. Have a wonderful day =]
  7. As I said before, I've wasted enough time discussing meaningless nonsense. Have a wonderful day =]
  8. Around here allot of people aren't happy with that little he might want less than two gigs I was asking how small they wanted it in order to offer suggestions on how to ensure it's a smaller image... normally, one would construe what I asked as meaning that. ESD was mentioned because it has a more efficient compression ratio.
  9. Until something is proven as inaccurate by Microsoft, or any company, then you must accept what is said at face value... we're not talking about something crazy or major, we're talking about the reason an update was pulled for a few hours. Why anyone would choose to be conspiratorial about that and rant about it is beyond comprehension. I assume members on this forum are intelligent, but choosing to argue a nonexistent point, giving in to conspiratorial ideologies and the belief that corporations are out to personally get you while wearing a tinfoil is simply absurd and ludicrous. There are sites for that line of thinking... this is not one on them. Saying that a company supports something when they say they don't is absurd... let's make the assumption you're perspective is accurate. It's simply bad business for the manufacturer, and since board manufacturers are in business to make as much of profit as possible, to not list OSes that are supported, as it would affect profit margins. This is another non-existent point... I don't know you, you don't know me, and as far as I know, you don't work for the board manufacturer(s). Without some sort of evidence from a manufacturer that the information you claim to be right is indeed right, one must trust the source [the manufacturer] and not a third party [you or any other user]. To believe otherwise is simply ignorant and a recipe for disaster in life. Either way, it's a beautiful day and I've spent as much time as I'm going to spend on this discussion, trying to show rationale and logic where it's seriously lacking. You will probably disagree, and that's ok... we will simply have to agree to disagree. Best of luck to you =]
  10. You asked one question [in this thread], of which I repeatedly ignored due to the obvious. If you don't understand why it was ignored, please re-read my previous post above and/or simply glance at any post I've made... the answer is in every post.
  11. The Task Manager has the ability to disable/enable startup items. Services.msc allows configuring the auto startup of services. Nirsoft and Sysinternals both offer free programs to manage startup entries. There's no right or wrong way to disabling startup programs, and the way you're doing it isn't wrong... it's simply making more work for yourself than needs to be exerted to get what you want.
  12. To believe my posts are "trying to prove us idiots" really demonstrates looking at forum posts with the absolute wrong perspective. How one could formulate such an opinion based on what I've written is beyond perplexing. I'd encourage you to re-read posts I've written with a neutral perspective instead of one of hubris, believing someone, or anyone, is trying to what? embarrass you? argue their right and you're wrong? what? I couldn't care less who's right and wrong... i care about factual information. When I'm wrong, I have no problem admitting it... when you're wrong, you're wrong... it's really as simple as that. However, to read from a perspective of hubris will lead one to respond with hubris.
  13. Totally misread that... my bad (previous posts have been edited)

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