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Should I overclock my i5 3570k?


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I have a Ivy i5 3570k which I guess is a pretty good CPU for overclocking. 


I have the Turbo boost thing set at 4ghz, but I don't know if it even does anything. I find it all very confusing. 


Is it better to overclock the cpu and disable turbo boost? Which would be faster? permanently overclocked at 3.8ghz/4ghz or stock 3.4ghz with boost at 4ghz? 


I have a Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard, XMP supported memory and a Corsair 650M psu. Also I use a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. I think my cooling and setup can hand a overclock at 3.8ghz or even 4ghz. My CPU runs around 27c idle and if I'm making it work..it gets up to about 33-35c. Even on a hot summer day, I haven't seen it get pass 37c. 


But I really don't know what I'm doing. I managed to suscfully get it at 3.5ghz by bumping up the BCLK but anymore than that it fails and I gotta hit the button on the motherboard to reset it. 


If someone can help me to get it running stable at 3.8ghz or 4ghz if you think its safe and with out having turbo boost mode enabled, I would really appreciate it.  


There is so many controls and I don't know what 80% of them do and there is just not that many tuts available on this particular setup. There are videos showing people overclocking it to like 4.7ghz, but its just turbo boost! Not an actual overclock. 

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On Intel Core ix from second gen, if you want to overclock the cpu, you must change cpu multiplier since the BCLK is the base for all other things like sata, pci-e... Yes, you must disable Turbo Mode and set the multiplier around 40 or 42 to have something between 4 and 4,2 GHz. Test this with stock Vcore, If it work, keep it, if it don't, try to put it a little bit higher or put lower frequency.

Do it at your own risk, if you put the Vcore too high you can damage your cpu !



If you don't need to do that for your use of your computer, don't try to overclock !!


PS : I own the same cpu and it work pretty good at 4,2 GHz with stock Vcore but, since overclocking vary with different cpu, yours may not be capable of that ;)



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... Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard ...


^ That's a relatively simple mobo with just 4+1+1 phases and lacking heatsink on some of the CPU VRMs, only suitable for moderate OC (without further tinkering).


Couple guides about OCing Ivy Bridge:





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