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Autoruns and Windows NT


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For benching reasons, I trying Windows NT 4.0 SP1 (just a Pentium 90MHz, so, optimal) and I wonder, witch version of Autoruns from Sysinternals run on this old system.

So, anyone can tell me, witch version I need? Clearly the v9.13 I have tried refuse to work, complaining about Default UI language function not found. Blah! So, witch version works?


(pls no "just update to SP6" suggestions, benching machine need more speed, not less!)


Also makes me wonder, what to use for defragmenting the partition. I like Diskeeper v8, but that also won't run on WinNT 4.0 SP1, requesting update to SP6. Maybe something from boot CD...?

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Interesting idea. However from the documentation it looks bad: "This program only works on NTFS drives under Windows NT 4.0" ... my OS drive is Fat drive, and the NTFS partion, created by WinXP it cannot even touch. When I click on it, the WinNT explorer crash.


But the ultimate Win CD sounds better - there is this:


AusLogics Defrag Hard disk defragmenter

Defraggler Hard drive defragmenter

Dirms 1.2.20 Comand Line utility to defragement your entire drive


If these programs can run from the CD, then things will be good. Sadly I managed to find only v3.22 ...v3.50 might be better choice.




Sadly no news on the Autoruns. I wonder, if I can disable these services:




PS. oh, there is vrsion 3.60... will it contain the need file UBCD4WinBGuilder.exe? We see...

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I use Autoruns v8.31 on Win98SE.

MDGx recommends:

* Autoruns 32-bit for Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 detects +

displays all autostart/startup programs/monitors/TSRs/processes/services from

all startup folders + Registry entries (freeware):


- Autoruns 9.56 for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 [577 KB]:


- OLD Autoruns 8.73 for Windows 9x/NT4/ME [485 KB]:


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You need SP4 at least to access a 2K/XP NTFS, there was a change in NTFS structures at the time:



And if you need to defrag a FAT volume and you are OK with rebooting, this would be a nice project to play with (plug :w00t:):


more or less the only actual COSMIAS project/tool in existence:




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Autoruns 8.73 crashed, but it is getting close!



Going to try Autoruns 8.53... pls provide the 8.31.


Autoruns 10.05, listed as compatible with WinNT, wont even run:


...probably is meant for WinNT 4.0 SP6, witch is nothing for me, I desperately need every % of speed that I can squeeze out of the OS.






jaclaz - gee, mate... won't be better to get the UBCD4Win CD working? I mean... Defragler and AusLogics Defrag should do the job. The prepared files are there to download: http://www.ubcd4win.org/downloads.htm

And the only one problem is the missing UBCD4WinBuilder.exe in the archive. Altrough this is a MAJOR problem, I believe it could be fixed. Somehow. After all, it almost worked when I substitute the missing exe with the BartPE exe file pebuilder.exe :D

All in all, it's version v3.1.10a matches perfectly the version of the missing UBCD4WinBuilder showed up there:
...but nowhere to be found for download, unless I'm blind and deeply missing something.

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I am not sure to understand which problem you found.


Where did you get the self-installing executable from?


Have you actually installed it (to - say - C:\UBCD4WIN\ ), EXACTLY following the instructions:


Extracting, setting up, and building UBCD4Win:

1. Run the UBCD4Win EXE file.
Follow all the instructions/prompts that come up. Do not install to a folder with spaces in its name. Our HashCheck tool checks for this and warns users, however people continue to ignore that warning and end up with errors when they try to build. Please pay attention to any messages that our Installer or HashCheck may produce. Be aware that your antivirus software may report viruses or trojans when you extract UBCD4Win, please view the FAQ topic on this for more information HERE. PLEASE- make sure you run the EXE, do not use any other extraction tool to extract the project files.



If I recall correctly the "UBCD4WinBuilder.exe" is generated "dynamically" at install time.


Which OS are you running (and where you intend to run the tool)?



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I run both v3.50 and v3.60 installs and no executable is ever found. WinXP SP3 - altough a bit optimized, so, okay, I run it on default install of same OS and report back. "Dynamical" creating of executable? Sounds crazy to me :) But... whatever if it will work.


I indend to run the CD on Asus TXP4-X board:



...to optimize the WinNT install. I would kill for CCleaner working there as well, as (mainly) the Autoruns :( But older version that 8.53 cannot be downloaded anywhere I looked :(

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Oh no! It crashed again :((((  I"m *DESPERATE* to get Autoruns working. How do you find so old version on the web archive? I never knew that it store files too! Maybe with little help... What about 8.0 or 8.20....? Or even v7....? Can I hope? Could you show me, how to get the links to such old versions, pretty please?




Also I trying to get CCleaner working. I get recommendation:


"Note 1: For Windows NT4, ME and 98, we recommend CCleaner Version 2.  For 2000 we recommend Version 3."




However trying v2.06.567 it say that Default UI language function not found, so I tried v2.00.475 Beta and it "only" wants a wininet.dll, so maybe there is a chance...

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Well, there is a "large hole" in what can be found on Wayback Machine, oldest version you can find is:




Version is 5,01 or 5.10.


Here you can find an approximated correspondence of versions with dates:




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Thanks a LOT for this link:



And... Oh, ****! There is *NOTHING* between v5.01 (witch is pretty much useless) and v8.31 that does crash! Nothing between 11.2.2004 (v5.01) and 11.1.2005 (v8.31) ... So, I would quess that something like v8.00 (or v8.21) will work, but getting such version is probably impossible...




But all is not lost! I stumbled upon this: http://www.filewatcher.com/_/?q=autoruns


And there are FTP links to *MANY* versions of Autoruns.zip and after short search, I managed to find jewels like versions:

Autoruns 8.13

Autoruns 8.11

Autoruns 6.1


Sure, more versions around the v7 are missing... but that should do it!

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Hoooray! Version 6.1 of the Autoruns works! http://www.mediafire.com/?e572oi1yxnayup5



It does complain a bit about unsupported calls, but it works, not crash :) So I optimized my WinNT and get 2nd place in SuperPi 1M  for P90:



The optimizing shave about 6 sec of the run, witch was enought to jump from 6th place to 2th place :D


For SuperPi 32M it give 1st place for P90:



...of course, it should be better to get version a bit higher (v8.0? v7.0? ...later v6...?), but that is just a dream :) I have to update the hardware rather (faster HDD that 13G old slow Seagate) to get better scores now :)

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