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When eating potatoes...

Potato skins?  

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  1. 1. When eating potatoes, do you prefer eating the skins, or peeling them off?

    • Eat 'em!
    • Peel those suckers!
    • No preference

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So, my aunt has this very sickening argument when going out to dinner. She absolutely cannot stand it when they don't peel their potatoes. She chalks it up to people just being too lazy to peel them, although it never really seems to occur to her that people like eating the skins. So, that's what I want to know. Do you guys peel your potatoes, or are you just too lazy and eat them with the potato? lol


I don't prefer it either way, it's just super annoying to hear this constantly because old people like to be very close-minded sometimes so I'm just really curious to know if people like eating skins or not.

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To me it sometimes depends on the type of potato and how they are prepared.  eg baked white potatoes I eat the skins, while baked sweet potatoes I don't.  If you mash the potatoes and want the creamiest texture then you need to take the skins off, but coarse mashed or "chunked" potatoes are just as good, if not better.  Many potatoes, especially "new" or baby potatoes, have very thin skins, while some types of potatoes have thicker skins.  I also understand that the skins of the potatoes have a lot of the nutrients that make the potato part of a healthy diet, see here and here, for example.  But overall, I say "Eat the skins."


Cheers and Regards

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