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CheckSUR.log and Component Store Bulk

Jody Thornton

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Hi Folks:

I vLited my Vista installation back in Feb 2014.  I integrated IE9 and all updates to that point.  SP2 was already part of the source.  And I've removed such goodies as Indexing, Remote Assistance, System Restore, Simple TCP, Terminal Services and lord know what else.  It runs great and really lean.  And no event log errors.

Now I recently had to fix up a bunch of .NET and Windows Update issues.  So I'm back to running well again.  As a final step I ran The System Readiness Tool.  When I look at the CheckSUR.log that it creates, I find references to files in the Component Store that appear orphaned, or else the payload/file is missing (and most of it looks like it's from the junk I removed with vLite)

So here's my question:  would it be fair to say that if a line in CheckSUR.log reads as:

Checking Package Watchlist
(f)    CSI Payload File Missing    0x00000000    mshwkorr.dll    amd64_microsoft-windows-t..reinkrecognition.ko_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.18000_none_600bc58be4a7864a

... that I could delete either the WinSxS folder that corrresponds with it, or the registry entry that matches it, without doing damage to the system?

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I posted this over on the Vista Forums web site, but I thought you guys might be a much better source of assistance.


Whenever I try to remove Internet Printing Client using Turn On/Off Windows Features OR using OCSETUP, my system errors out, likely because I have removed components with vLite. The system runs REALLY well, and the Event Log is clean (other than when I try to defeat a feature). The errors come from trying to set packages to either a staged or installed state; likely because their missing.

When I used Turn On/Off Windows Features, I receive the error:
An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed.

Does anyone know of a good guide as to what registry components would need removal so that I could get this functionality back? The usual SFC, reinstall options are not what I'm looking for, since I wish to keep the lighter installation. I have corrected a lot of stuff with the System Update Readiness Tool, so that's been a BIG help.

Thanks all.

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Perhaps someone could answer this for me regarding "Visibility" states of packages in the following registry path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages\[pick a package]

Each packages shows a key called "Visibility" which I believe shows if the packages is visible in Turn on/off Windows Features.  If this is true, what are the Visibility states?  I've seen both "1" and "2" but it appears to make no difference.

What I'm attemting to do is try to remove packages of my choice, without using the tool because it errors out (same result if I use OCSETUP).  But I would like the items to be shown as "removed" with the check box clear.  Right now, they are just hidden, and I cannot be sure that the components are truly removed and not taking up CPU cycles or RAM.

Thanks everyone.

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