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Building a Pentium 4 Windows 2000 rig for kicks... Need some advice

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PaleMoon atom Edition can be customize with compatible to Firefox.


You can find some technical information it.




I also described it my blog


I'll check that out when I get the chance... Does palemoon support Firefox extensions? Will it support Unity Web Player?


Anways, I just ordered parts. As follows;


Intel D945GTP Motherboard, Micro ATX

Pentium 4 HT 672 Prescott @ 3.8GHz

4GB (4x1GB) PC5300 DDR2 667MHz

EVGA nvidia GeForce 7950 GT, 512MB GDDR3

SATA Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD, year of manufacture 2013

Windows 2000 Professional SP4 New/Sealed CD + License

Antec VSK-3000E Mini Tower

Intel Inside Pentium 4 HT case badge

Designed for Windows 2000 professional / Windows 98 case badge


I'm sure I have a functional SATA DVD writer lying around, and I might pull a 3.5" floppy drive from one of the older computers to put into this one.




The board I won on eBay comes with 4GB of DDR2 444Mhz (4x1GB) that I'm replacing with 667MHz DDR2, and also comes with a Pentium 4 541 @ 3.20GHz that I'm replacing with the pentium 4 HT I mentioned above, if anyone is interested.

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For my Windows 2000 installs I:


 - Run Windows Update and install everything (May need the newest Windows Update Agent and root certificates for this to work) [There's a thread here about getting Windows Update to work]


Am I correct, that the word 'here' was supposed to contain a hyperlink?  I'm following the steps in your description of how to set-up Win2K, so much appreciated if you could share the link you've found, in reply to my post! :yes:


I was following instructions on a YouTube video, but the copy of Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20141130x86 at the link posted there wiped out the contents of my \winnt\system32\config\system directory.  Strangely, replacing that directory's contents from a backup didn't work. 


So, I'm starting over and now I'm going to follow your links -- and hope for better results.

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There isn't supposed to be a hyperlink there, basically because I couldn't be bothered to find it at the time, but I had to later on anyways. :whistle:


Here is the aformentioned thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158916-guide-to-installing-and-updating-windows-2000-professional/


Basically, you need:


Root Certificates: http://www.mediafire...jj/rootsupd.exe


Windows Update Agent: http://www.mediafire...Agent30-x86.exe


And then Windows Update should work.





As for Unofficial Update Rollup wiping that system directory. I have no idea, sorry.

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Here is the aformentioned thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158916-guide-to-installing-and-updating-windows-2000-professional/


As for Unofficial Update Rollup wiping that system directory. I have no idea, sorry.

Thanks for the link.  I didn't even know that would be possble.

I'm going to use your rollup file in place of the other, from the YouTube link.  That's the directory that contains the Windows Registry, so this couldn't be happening for everyone. 

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Definitely an interesting failure. ...

So it's not commonly seen?  Was I running it incorrectly?  I ran it from inside Windows Explorer.  Is it better to run it from the Win2K Command Line?  Not sure if I ever saw it specified, as to where it should be run.


The error message was from Win2K, when the first boot failed: the indicated folder (with the registry) 'is missing or corrupt'.  I didn't check that with a file manager, but only saw no program files from

the imaging software, while I was replacing the directory contents from the last good image.  Here, the directory looked blank, but there could have been something that didn't show in that window.


One other point, Win2Ksp5.1 went to completion, but finishing with an error message, that my Win2K installation was corrupt.  So, I did an in-place reinstallation from the original Win2K sp3 CD, from inside Win2K.  There was a message when it ran, that an  sp3 disk couldn't be used to repair an sp4 installation, but it seemed to work anyway.  


I then took the only choice, a complete re-installation, which went ahead -- in spite of the warning -- and when that finished copying files, and rebooting, I was surprised to see that 1) the installed programs and desktop setup appeared untouched and 2) sp4 was still shown as installed.  I thought I'd have to reinstall sp4 and so was surprised to see it still there.


So this is the additional background for this case, in the event that someone sees a pattern that could have led to the Registry directory reported as missing or corrupt -- after the final step, attempting to install  the 'UURollup'.


I'll go through it again using your files, and perhaps running the executables from the Command Line, for good measure. 

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