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  1. Hey guys, it's been awhile. I've been a little busy lately, but the computer is great! lately when I use it i'm just playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 aha.
  2. I saw the afterglow controllers at best buy yesterday. Was it plug and play for you on Windows 2000?
  3. To my knowledge the original xbox controller has a special male plug. Also to my knowledge the Xbox 360 controller will not natively work. I did a little bit of reading on it. It has me troubled. I'd have to buy a controller anyways online because I have no friends around here with a wired controller.
  4. Hello and thank you. Do you have experience with this software? Also, to use an original xbox controller, I would need something like this, correct? http://www.amazon.com/HDE-Xbox-360-USB-Breakaway-Cable/dp/B0046RMJRU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1438971229&sr=8-5&keywords=xbox+to+USB
  5. Hi guys, I'm starting to install games on the machine I just built running W2K with all suggested updates/service packs. I need some suggestions for controllers to play games. I heard whispers of people getting the Xbox 360 PC controller to function, but I couldn't find conclusive information. I would LOVE an Xbox 360 gamepad, but I am more than happy to use anything that works well. Wireless possibly? The game I am targeting is Halo: Combat Evolved. I figured someone around these parts would have experience in this area.
  6. False alarm. It works fine, but page cannot be displayed on Microsoft Edge. (Windows 10)
  7. Cool, thank you for the information. Do these developers have a page to donate to them for their continued work?
  8. Pentium D 960 3.6GHz installed from Pentium 4 HT 3.8GHz... Had to go with the 130W TDP part because I couldn't find the 95w TDP part. Fret not, as I have purchased and installed a heat sink to address this that can handle 150W TDP AND doesn't require removal of mobo. That's done and I am typing this from this machine. New RAM installed. Highest speed mobo can take. Everything migrated to 60GB MSATA Samsung SSD. Everything appears to be in order hardware wise here, and I don't plan on opening her back up for awhile. I'm still trying to figure the Java thing out, I'm just having difficulty understanding what I'm being suggested to do. Thanks.
  9. Update: Cloned W2K installation to 60gb Samsung MSATA SSD. Going to use this new 1TB drive as a data drive paired with a 256GB Samsung 850 pro SSD in a Windows 10 computer I'm building this week. Still waiting for the pentium D to come in, once I have that, the new RAM and cooler installed, I hopefully won't have to open up this computer for awhile.
  10. That's interesting... I thought W2K could only see 2 cores/cpu's/threads
  11. P.S.. Thanks for the link. When I copy and pasted the same thing into google for some reason it turned up no results.
  12. Using google translate, I translated the contents of BlackWingCat's blog to: March 9, 2015 How to use without installing the Java 8 Update 40 "Java 8 Update 40" public, regular outside of updates -INTERNET Watch Java 8 Update 40 came. And it does not also not put in XP or Windows 2000, but it is a little time and effort to take out the MSI. So, we'll show you how to use it without installing directly. Java download for all operating system Download site of the Japanese will go to English site because it does not use Java SE Runtime Environment 8 - Downloads jre Download the jre-8u40-windows-i586.tar.gz,% PROGRAMFILES% \ Unzip the Java \ jre8 etc. Then open the Control Panel, such as Java 6 and 7 jre1 From the run-time version, choose Add. jre2 Found. Choose to complete jre3 I was able to successfully added. If you want to start the JAR is, in the case of CUI-based bin \ java.exe -jar [jarfile] .jar In the case of GUI-based bin \ javaw.exe -jar [jarfile] .jar In even to start it is OK · ω ·
  13. That brought me here. http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?ref=SERP&br=ro&mkt=en-US&dl=en&lp=JA_EN&a=http%3a%2f%2fblog.livedoor.jp%2fblackwingcat%2f

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