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SCSI WinXP vs 2003


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Is it me or XP SP3 is so sloooooow with SCSI drives whereas 2003 is running at normal speed?


I'm kinda new to the whole server thing, running an old dual p3 server mobo capable of Ultra2. So I went and installed XP first thing I opened Explorer and was shocked, system basically froze then after some major tinkering with drivers and such I installed Server 2003 and it just runs fine.


What's the deal here?

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Not really sure what you problem is. Sounds odd since I have an old HP Netserver Dual P-III/550 1GB SDRAM (4x256) Dual 10GB HDD on a single SCSI Channel and it runs fine with XP (was originally SCO/Unix AFAICR). You don't have it set to RAID do you (would require Two HDD's)?


Could you possibly give us *FULL SPECS* so we can help? Make/Model/Motherboard/Controller/RAM (etc)? Belarc is one software that will provide a little info in case you don't actually know.


After all it's kind of hard to give an answer with absolutely no info on the Hardware.

old dual p3 server mobo capable of Ultra2
See what I mean?
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All I remember is that my LSI Logic controller required a driver to be added (F5 needed to be pressed up on setup so I could provide a floppy).  but both Windows Server 2003 (and it's renamed modified sibling - Windows XP x64 Edition) both included the SCSI drivers for it.

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I'm going to "assume" that the MoBo is "L440GX+ board" (per your other posts)?


From "Product Guide".


Adaptec AIC-7896, supporting onboard Ultra2 (LVD) wide and Ultra-wide SCSI
interfaces. Support for the Adaptec ARO-1130U2 RAIDport III card is built into PCI slot 4.

So it's a 7800-Series. Specifically, it should be in "PNPSCSI.INF". That *and* file "aic78u2.sys" (inside DRIVER.CAB) should do the trick. I fail to see why you're having a problem as those files are on *all* XP and *all* Server2k3 and are nearly identical (IOW only the DriverVer inside the INF should be different). As a matter of fact, the ".sys" hasn't changed since RTM!


BTW, mine are "Adaptec AIC-7895 Dual Ultra SCSI" and are also present, but use "aic78xx.sys".


I suggest you double-check the Driver inside Device Manager. Only thing I can figure is that your Install went horribly wrong!



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