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  1. Is it me or XP SP3 is so sloooooow with SCSI drives whereas 2003 is running at normal speed? I'm kinda new to the whole server thing, running an old dual p3 server mobo capable of Ultra2. So I went and installed XP first thing I opened Explorer and was shocked, system basically froze then after some major tinkering with drivers and such I installed Server 2003 and it just runs fine. What's the deal here?
  2. Hey thanks for the info. I will try that
  3. Hello there So I finally got Win98 installed which took me a long while to figure out on L440GX+ board. And I'm dualbooting it with Windows XP. What I need is to backup both OSes saving the boot.ini, saving all the stuff needed to dualboot those two together. No games, music etc included just OSes on those two separate 10gb partitions I have for them. So my question is to those with Symantec Ghost experience (or some other drive image creating software). Should I create images of two separate partitions or backup the whole drive? (which is 73gb btw.)

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