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Different Caption Buttons for Windows 10

Jody Thornton

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That's my favorite "Rounded Corners" look, though I've since made the - [] and X white for better visibility.


DosProbie's point is a good one - but it's not my fault.  I'm usually clear about what atlas works with what build (I almost always capture the WINVER window in the examples, as I did above - e.g., here for example), but Microsoft keeps changing what works and how it works - depending on the build number.  It's simply hard to keep up with their pace of changes.


For example, with build 10130, Aero Glass is busted entirely, except that after failing to hook DWM to make translucency, it DOES facilitate theme atlas replacement.  So I developed a theme atlas that's fully opaque, and with it it's possible to have a decent look (without translucency).  Click here, for example.


A viable alternative to updating to Win 10 is to stay with Win 8.1 and re-theme it.  I have a variation of my Rounded Corners theme atlas for that as well:  Cick here.






Edit:  By the way, as of this afternoon, Big Muscle has Aero Glass working with build 10130 - see:  http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173379-windows-10/page-30#entry1101443

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