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Windows Server 2003 updates for XP x64 Edition

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About six months ago, I stumbled across a post (or similar) here on the forum where somebody stated that they had collected updates for Server 2003 since April and had made them available for download as a pack of some sort, so they could be installed on a live system.


I had also collected the Server 2003 updates for my own installations. Long story short, I don't have access to those updates at the moment, and after doing a fresh XP Pro x64 install on a Dell Latitude D630, quite frankly I don't feel like downloading them all again.


So it is that I'm asking if anyone knows of any update "packs" for XP Pro x64 that contain the recent Server 2003 updates, and can be installed on a live system.

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Man, it's a lot easier downloading the updates from somebody else's web site than it is Microsoft's!

And with Windows 10 it will become likely that the updates that will fail to download, will actually be coming from somebody else's PC, thanks to the new "distributed" approach. :whistle:



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By the way, the link I provided for the GAT at XIN appears to be down.  One more month of updates too.  I hope to get 'em.


(Edit (on July 12th) It's Alive!  LOL (site's back up)

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