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Blank Screen after reboot – what to do


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Windows 8.1 does not fully boot after restarting your PC.


Old StartIsBack+ versions are not compatible with new Windows Updates. Specifically, this may happen with versions 1.5.2 and below.


Press Ctrl+Alt+Del (or Win+Power on tablet). Select Task Manager, File – Run new task. Type

StartIsBackCfg.exe /uninstall

and click OK. On a tablet, you may need to locate osk.exe in \Windows\System32 folder and run it to be able to type on the screen.

As alternative, you may run iexplore.exe (or firefox.exe, chrome.exe or your other favorite browser), go to www.startisback.com, download and install newer version.



I'm very sorry for the troubles if caused. Please make sure you're running latest StartIsBack+ version and are installing updates if you're using automatic Windows Update system.

This problem should not rise again.


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