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it's a NEW day, so I'm kind of a new member

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Hello, all:


It's a NEW day, so I'm kind of a new member, in my bumble humble interpretation.

I hope that qualifies, and allows me to make this post and not get banned for abuse of the forum, in the process.


I just want to re-establish the fact that I know absolutely nothing about the internal mysteries of computers, in the way that all you other geeks do.


And I do appreciate your allowing me to hang around here for the last few years, contributing absolutely nothing!



NEW member,


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Welcome to MSFN, Larry! :hello:

As you know you know absolutely nothing about computers, and you know ignorance is bliss, I'm sure you're in a kind of Nirvana, at least in what regards computers! :yes:

Moreover, bphlpt and myself are among the many here whose digital life is brighter, thanks to your contributions, which are a long way from being nil, no matter how one looks at them, and then, they're meant to be looked at. :angel

It's good to have you around! :)

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome into your universe.

Since today is another new day, again I find myself as a new member, but I shan't make a new post, because I am not a proponent of repetitive repeating redundancy repeating repeitiively in redundancy.

But, if you wish, you may welcome me again, if you wish.

And you may welcome me each and every day, if your heart desires, but that isn't necessary.

Please do whatever makes you happy, and you, and you alone, are the one to make the momentous decisions, such as this one, in your own life.

Since you are a responsible adult, I have complete faith in knowing that you will make the correct and appropriate decision for you.

And I will be able to deduce, by your action, or non-action, which choice you have made.

So, the best thing for you to do is to ignore completely everything I've written here, and go back to living in a fantasy in your own little nasty world.



I fully realize that your post was a thinly-disguised reference to the fact that you believe that I'm blissfully ignorant of all intellectual matters, floating in a netherworld of my own creation, bobbing up and down, drifting aimlessly in my self-created sea of Nirvana.

My responses:

#1 -- You hit the nail on the head!

#2 -- You are very perceptive!

Re: It's good to have you around! :)

Will it still be good to have me around if I become a square (?), like the rest of the geek cats at MSFN! LOL



both in "sin" and "cerely",


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@jaclaz, The Finder:


Firstly, I sincerly hope you find an acceptable avatar for yourself.


Secondly, I do so appreciate your feeble attempt at elucidation and the irrelevant image in your spoiler.


I see you came with your humor gun loaded to respond to my heartfelt, passionate, and very sincere introduction of myself.


The proof is found in this picture of you taken this afternoon, in Italy, by the anonymous photographer, A. Nonymous:



Finally, the world sees how you waste your life, immersed in frivilous play, while posting pseudo-intellectual nonsensical gibberish on MSFN,

a charge of which I will never be accused.


I understand the sentiment in your spoiler, "Old pros studied their way to the top", but I more so strongly feel that, possibly,

my apropos previously posted precarious prose poses possibilities preempting practical professionalism, possibly.

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Hmmm :unsure:,  (small caliber) dogguns may go pew-pew-pew, but here we are talking of gundogs, which are another thing.







Edited by jaclaz
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Thank you, jaclaz, for your input and your K9 machine gun.

But don't you realize that your statement, "Your argument is invalid", invalidates your argument that "Your argument is invalid" ???

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Today is a new day, and, again I find myself to be a new member of MSFN,
but I won't make a post to state this obvious fact, since,
in my humble opinion,
obviousness oxidizes onerous obloquies,
overwhelming overjoyed obsequies,
objecting opaquely, oftentimes,
obliterating obviousness,
in my humble opinion.
And that's all I have to say about that.


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