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Installing windows xp sp3 from USB drive


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Hello All:


I am trying to install windowsarrow-10x10.png xp sp3 from a USB pen drive, I have followed all the directions to install it from Poweriso, I have created the pcbuilder.iso file and I have copied the i386 directory to the pen drive as directed. When the program is trying to install, I get a message saying that amdbusdr.sys cannot be found and I should reboot the system. Can someone please tell me how to fix this error message. I noticed that the file in the i386 directory is amdbusdr.sy_ and not sys, does that have anything to do with the error message? Allen

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Generally speaking, most windows files part of the setup are cab compressed so that your "amdbusdr.sy_" is nothing but the CAB compressed version  of "amdbusdr.sys" so you can try expanding it with  EXPAND.EXE, but usually the windows setup (and related tools) can understand this and automatically use either of the compressed or plain version, it is well possible that *something* is wrong in the install/method poweriso uses and once you will have expanded that file, you will get other similar errors for other files. :unsure:


However if this is specific to poweriso, try asking your question to the makers of the software:


If it is a "how do I install Windows from USB", then you can get all you need here:


Several different programs and methods to choose from...


Or you can use Rufus:




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I use Rufus. It's the most simple and reliable way of doing this that I've found. Another method I used about 4 years ago completely mangled setup and Windows XP didn't end up installing correctly. Installing XP using Rufus is pretty much the same as it is with the CD. Only problem is you can't install Windows 2000 or Windows XP 64bit with it.

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