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Cant reinstall OEM windows 8.1 on brand new laptop


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can anybody tell me why is it impossible to install an OEM version (genuine downloaded form MS site) without a product key?

The product key should be on the motherboard and is I am correct, the key will be automaticly filled in, if I say it correct.


The laptop with the touchscreen (asus) is brand new.


This laptop is not mine. I did not want to know why he formatted c, I only want to solve this issue. 


There are many ways to get this solved the illegal way, but it has to be legal, thats why I am asking here for help.

So please no question about why he did it. If I wanted to solve it illegal, i would not asked help here and just used a illegal copy, which i dont want!


Its regarding the ASUS X550L


thanks in advance!




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That it is only the case if the internal key is a 8.1 as well. If your internal key is 8.0 and your ISO is 8.1, you need to use a generic key first then fiddle with 3rd party tools to find your own key, then change the key.


Good luck.

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Did the laptop come with Windows 8.0? Windows 8.1 doesn't accept 8.0 keys during setup, only later when activating post install. You have to use "setup keys", and activate later with the real key (which you have to extract: http://github.com/christian-korneck/get_win8key )

There are some setup keys listed in Microsoft's site, but I'm not sure they are the correct ones for non-KMS activation. I think there's either a distinction between setup keys for KMS activation and non-KMS, or between Core and Pro. Or maybe both. In my case, whatever the discrepancy was, it would not allow me to activate with my key, probably due to a key type mismatch.

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Thanks for the answers!


the laptop came with 8.1 on it.

So i guess that the key is also 8.1. 


I will try the 8.1 keys.


Is it possible to set up Ubuntu and then get the windows key? 


Here is a link. Its dutch, but you can see that the laptop is delivered with 8.1


Besturingssysteem Windows 8.1


Besturingssysteem means Operating system.


I have looked on the Asus site, filled in the serial number and got the message that there are no recovert dvd's available at this moment.





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I solved it with Ubuntu.

Got the product key for my OEM.

So I hope this will help.


The solution was opening in portable ubunt the "terminal"


Put the following code in it:



sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM


and now the OEM windows installing and see what happens :)

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What/how did you download the install media from Microsoft?

Yes, I think you can get the key on Linux. You can just boot a LiveCD, no need to install:



Just googled and got this link for the MS site. So all genuine.

And I am still wondering why this OEM didn't take  the product key automaticly.

I guess it is what Ponch and Shae replied in this topic.

If this does not work, I will try a 8.0.

Or I call MS for their help.


I copied this from a site. Due that I dont know if they are doing illegal things over there, i only paste what is legal. And not link to the website.


Their new downloader allows for the selection of the version of Windows 8.1, the language and the architecture so can be used on any Windows system to prepare installation media which was requested here and many pother places.

To download Windows 8.1 go here:


The direct link to the downloader is here:


Double click the mediacreationtool

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unfortunatelly the product key is according to the OEM version not the correct one.

I am given up. 


Only MS can help out here I guess.


If anybody has got another idea how to solve this, please advice.

I am running out of options.


Only thing left, is try to installl windows 8 and try the product key on windows 8.




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I'm not clear on what exactly you've tried.

Did you install Win81 with one of the setup keys, then tried post-install to activate it with the BIOS/SLIC key? What setup key did you use? Did you try other setup keys (KMS/non-KMS, Core/Pro)? Was the original Windows English or Dutch? (I don't know if it matters.)

I suggest either downloading an ISO from a torrent site, searching by known MD5/SHA1 hashes from Microsoft. Or call Microsoft or the laptop manufacturer. Or stop wasting time :) and use one of those activation server emulator cracks (which don't modify the Windows install in any way, nor stay running in the background).

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If the key is not on the back of your laptop then it is on the motherboard. In this case when you do a fresh Windows install skip the step when you must fill your Windows key. When you finish, the Windows will do the activation by its self after you connect to internet. Make sure you use the same Windows version as the one installed initially.

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The only downloads of Windows 8.1 is for the Retail version.

If installing Windows 8.1 (officially) you need the appropriate default product key which will instruct the OS to look at the BIOS for the activation key. These product keys are confidential and are not the ones you find online.


Was MyCom the company the computer was purchased from?

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