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How to Preserve Source Folder?

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I decided after many years of just using HFSLIP for my slip-streaming and install modification needs, I decided to give nLite another look.


I am running into one major issue that is causing me grief.


In running the program you must select the folder where the original files from the CD. In HFSLIP terms the SOURCE folder. When I run nLite it modifies the files in this folder. This is an issue as when I want to do another slipstream with nLite I have to recopy the files again from the CD.


In HFSLIP, the modified version is placed in a different folder called SOURCESS. This kept the SOURCE folder unaffected so one could run the script many times.


Is there a setting in nLite that will allow the same functionality, keeping the SOURCE folder unaffected?

In the nLite FAQ is states:

"Can i add things back once they have been removed? While you can't add things back to an nLited installation, you can use an original Windows installation source and import a previous session to further refine the selections made in that previous session.  To do this, manually specify the source installation as you did before, allow nlite to perform the copy, and remember to import the .ini file from the previously-created session."


This sounds like it does, but I don't see any options to "allow nlite to perform the copy".


Thanks in advance.

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That's mainly referring to using a disk as source. What I do is keep a rar or 7z archive of the I386 folder. It only takes a minute to unpack a new source that way.

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This has been discussed many times in the past. Fact is that nLite ALWAYS assumes it is working on an original source. There is no setting for that. That's just the way nLite works.The time you loose by (manually) recreate your source folder, I guess you get (a bit of) it back as nLite works faster than if it had to recreate an entire new target folder.

As well, running again using the (last session) ini file, it is is expecting the same original source, not the result from the last session.

Use Kelselellelvian's advice and your issue is solved. However, if you are integrating a Service Pack, it is best to do that first, only, then use the result as source for nLite to modify it further. Because (long story short) there is small bug that mixes the "source" as being before or after integration of service pack.

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