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Uninstall - Reinstall - StartisBack


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Okay i have managed to completely mess things up it seems.


I also can't uninstall it for some reason, when i do, the installation of DVDSoft Free Youtube Downloader starts.

So i am wondering how can i uninstall it manually?
I am completely lost ;(




Okay i actually solved it. This always happen when i finally make a post of something -_-

No idea how it came to be, but a file in my Users folder was called "The" and had no extension.
It was actually the installation file for Youtube Downloader. And for some reason it was opened if i either tried to Uninstall StartisBack or change it's settings.

I am guessing it came from my User name which is "The" with a blankspace after.


No idea how it got there, know that i have seen it for a long while though, but didn't bother with it, just thought it was some "important" file.

Just a mystery.

Sorry for wasting your time:(

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Its no waste of time. We all sometimes will jump the guy and make a topic too early and then figure it out. In fact, I had some theory that going through and typing out the problem makes something click in your brain and helps you fix your own problem! I've even figured things out in the middle of composing a thread... So as long as you fixed it, it isn't a waste of time to me.

However, this is the Windows 8 section. In the future if you have a problem with Tihiy's StartIsBack, post in the relevant sticky thread instead of creating a new one.


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