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Problem with mouse and dual screen


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since I install the Update 1 on my Windows 8.1 PCs, I have a bug with mouse with all of them wich have dual screen. If I move my mouse normaly (not fast) to go to an other screen, it is blocked on the border of the screen where it was (and don't go to other screen). To go to an other screen, I must move the mouse very fast and it's very anoying. The problem appears when I open one Modern UI app. If, after boot, I don't open any Modern UI app, I don't have this bug but If I open one, the bug appears and it still present even if I close all Modern UI apps. I have 3 PCs with dual screen, all have this bug and this bug isn't present on Windows 8.0 and 8.1 without Update 1.


So my question is : what I can do to remove it ? This is really a bug or a "feature" ? I can't work correctly with this ! I have spent lots of time on the net to search how to fix it but I found nothing....


On all of this PCs, I only have put OldNewExplorer, Big Muscle aero glass mod and Classic shell but this problem appears also with a clean Windows 8.1 Update 1 install if I use more than 1 screen...



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since I install the Update 1 on my Windows 8.1 PCs, I have a bug with mouse with all of them wich have dual screen.


The article jaclaz directs us to is good, but there's actually another one as well, which I use.  It hasn't to do with the speed, but the size of the "catch" region.


From my book:


To stop the cursor from catching at the corners between monitors:


  • Click Start, type regedit into the search box, then hit Enter.


  • Navigate into the key:


    [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop ] 



  • Change the following string value to zero:


    MouseCornerClipLength   REG_SZ   0 



  • Log off and on again for it to take effect.



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I surmised it might be a feature, I just never figured out what it was good for or how to use it. The above page explains it, but I don't recall it working like that for me. Scrollbars were never easy to use because the pointer didn't block on the right edge of the left screen (primary). It didn't always block on the left edge of the right screen, but when it did I didn't find an obvious way to unblock it other than alt-tabbing randomly. I also had the impression it was related to fullscreen apps.


But now that I know what it's supposed to be doing I should pay more attention to its behavior and see if it really works. :)

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