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winamp 5.0.3


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Hi there

I've been working on making a msi installer for winamp 5.0.3 even with px.dll :)

there will be a config.ini file where things like


audio_support=0 will exist.

i've done the msi, working on the ini system.

I'll hopefully be done latest on the weekend

if nullsoft decides to release another build by then i'll mass email them saying get rid of the stupid nullsoft installer and use windows installer! (i'm pretty sure someone did this but anyways :rolleyes: )

also there must be some nice switches out there for the components.

anyone check the nullsoft forum? my internet is so slow i can barely open msfn. thank god its on the cache :D

would anyone be interested in this? i mean if no one wants it, i use the very basic winamp without the new modern skin and other junk stuff, so this would be very pointless for me in no one wants it.


(short live nullsoft installer :/ )

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i certainly want this, i want to be able to change most if not all the install options that you get when you manually do it.

i dont want modern skin support (as it takes 15mb compared to the old look 3mb.

i dont want winamp agent installed

i dont want winamp library installed.

just those 3 checkboxes from the installer i want unchecked, install everything else as default.

i would be extremely grateful, hopefully will have finished my unattended xp sp2 slipstreamed cd by the weekend, just trying to get these switches sorted then i think its done.

there are alot of bug fixes since the 5.0 version, whch people made .msi's for, 5.03 would be great !

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I think it would be helpful to include all components in the installer, but then provide an external ini file that the user could turn off or on all the various components they want. That way, we won't have a hundred different combinations of Winamp 5.03 exe's floating around.


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@hajj_3 yes everthing is going to be optional

@JPamplin that's what i'm doing :)

@alanoll i couldn't find any info on how to create msi's with all cap properties stuff. I'm still trying to find good info for them if u have it pls share :rolleyes:

@all and i'm dissapointed only 3 ppl want it?

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there is a new version 5.03a which fixes a few bugs and asks you to register it at the end of the installation, maybe you could possibly make it for this new version if its not too much trouble.

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You can just archive your winamp 5.03 folder and make a full silent exe install . ( with winrar ) . And for best results ( without the "can't find file px.dll " ) put your px.dll file in the archive .

Run in your .cmd file

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Mac got in touch with me, and we're working on the MSI together. I didn't bother testing the install as of yet, but I'm working on the conditions and optional component install from commandline.

so far it's working like this...

winamp.msi AUDIO=1 VIDEO=0 AGENT=0 /QB

and Audio will be installed, Video and Agent won't be.

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