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New PC no Video no POST no Beeps.


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Unbelievable system for your first time building one.I have built about 30 systems for people and 5 for myself along with many upgrades but you went balls to the wall with the quality.And nice pictures,maybe Fthr Jack has got something there about everyone posting up pics of the building of a system as well as maybe pics of already built systems.

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Thanks. I am not good at benchmarking. I don't have any software to do so. I don't play quake neither, but I play Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix.

It ran great. I am running 1280x1024 with max everything.


Lets me know if you need any specific information.

zípp I personally build this just for me so I go top of the line on everything. I am not a pro this is my first time. i love it. Your systems are great too.

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hi lezend, get hold of 3Dmark 2001 SE from http://www.madonion.com

i hate quake also, SOF2 is a **** good game ..specially online :rolleyes:

make sure u have the latest driver and set your ram to CAS2 if you can before benchmarking, try tweek your pc to get every point out of it you can :)

i expect you will thrash my score :

3DMark 2001 SE Score:8783

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I have a question to those who familiar with this software. It detected I run a FSB 133mhz when my spec is suppose to be FSB 533mhz. Is this software error or that is the actually FSB of my system. If it is the actual, then how to I change it?



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