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Boot from SD Card

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I have a Sony Vaio Ultrabook SVT 131 with Pro Duo SD Card slot. I have installed a live Ubuntu on a 2 GB Sony SD Card and plugged it in my Ultrabook. Then I am trying boot my Ultrabook from the SD Card.

First I have accesed the BIOS setting and enabled booting from Media devices also I have choosed to boot from Media devices. Unfortunately I got "No operating system message" when I booted. I am sure that my SD is bootable. I downloaded last Ubuntu ISO then use USB tools to extract and create a live version on my SD Card.

I have also tried to change Boot option from UEFI to the normal legacy but I have got the same.

Any ideas?!

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I am sure that my SD is bootable.

How EXACTLY you made sure that the SD Card is bootable?

How EXACTLY did you partition and format it and make it bootable?

Has it been partitioned or has it been formatted as super-floppy?

Which bootmanager/bootloader you installed to it? (Ubuntu should be using GRUB2)

BTW "last UBUNTU iso" means "nothing", there are at least 4 versions of Ubuntu currently, I presume you mean Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS. :unsure:


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Oh sorry, I missed some information

  1. Ubuntu version: Ubuntu Desktop Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  2. How did I create it? I just use Pen Drive Linux's USB Installer software and followed the steps mentioned on Ubuntu's Website (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows) which I believe they are so simple and just two or three clicks.
  3. SD card partationed used Fat32 (by Pen Driver Linux's USB tool)
  4. Why am I sure that the SD card is working? Cause I haven't got any error from Pen Driver Linux's USB Installer also I am trying right now to try to boot this physical driver using Virtual Box and it seams it is a bit complicated...


I have tried to install android-x86-4.4-RC1 on my SD Card (Info: http://techposts.org/install-android-4-4-2-kitkat-computer-laptop/) using "unetbootin-windows-585". The operation completed successfully. But when I tried to boot it I got the same message "Operating System not found".

I believe the problem is not in the image or how the bootable device is created. It is more in the how to boot from SD Card. Cause the booting options in Sony Vaio is not like the regular booting option.

Any suggestions?!

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Yep :), point #4 is what I meant, to be sure that it is bootable, you have to test it *somehow*.

Instead of using Virtualbox, use Qemu, for two reasons:

  • it has a "strict" kind of BIOS when it comes to CHS (if involved at all)
  • it has "simpler" virtual hardware (when compared to Virtualbox or similar)

If you are running Windows, I suggest you to use Qemu Manager:


Usually what can be booted in Qemu can be booted on real machine (sometimes the reverse is not true), but you never know.

Also you should inspect with appropriate tools the MBR to see what actually the "automagic" Pen Driver Linux's USB Installer wrote to it.

You have to understand how SDcard bootability (as feature in the BIOS) is very rare, and, I believe, usually "primitive", i.e. not "mature" or "documented" or experimented as USB one.

You may find of interest this oldish thread (unfinalized :() where some attempts were made, evidencing some of the difficulties that may apply to your case also:



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Bios not load internal card reader, maybe you have a flash drive or a usb card reader.

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