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Can't extract this .exe BIOS flasher.


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BIOS flasher for an MPC TransPort T2500 laptop.


That download is itself a simple self extracting archive that creates a directory, extracts its contents then executes it. Seems a bit pointless when it only contains a single file.

It's that single file which Universal Extractor can't pull anything from. The desired content to be pulled out is a Phoenix BIOS file. Other MPC BIOS flashers on that site are also likely to be this way.

I've tried running it on its intended target, an MPC T2500, and on other laptops, but it does not drop anything into temp except for a 64K DLL and an empty folder. Unless it's extracting the BIOS elsewhere or holding it in RAM, it apparently doesn't pull it out until it actually begins the flash operation.

Since the laptop already has the same BIOS version, it appears to be written to not complete the flash, in an inelegant fashion by crashing with an error message.

It can't be run on a desktop because it first looks for a battery with at least 30% charge, then it looks for a connected AC adapter.

A possible helpful clue is the T2500 and most, if not all, other Micron, Micron PC and MPC laptops were made by Samsung.

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Curiosity - WHAT is the name of said "64K DLL"?

FYI - that's a Windows-Only BIOS and there is -probably- another file (somewhere) that uses said "64K DLL", so the actual BIOS is embedded "elsewhere" and will no doubt be -extremely- difficult (if at all) to extract.

Also you -are- aware that Phoenix also (now) produces AMI and AWARD BIOS, right? All (the later/latest) are made by Phoenix now.

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The DLL is ConResEn.dll and the empty folder is __Samsung_Update. Two _ in the front. Likely location where the flasher would stash the bios file(s) if it would work.

I found a Phoenix BIOS mod utility which extracts some files from it but also has several error messages doing it. Don't know if the files are simply not in the flasher or if the tool isn't completely compatible with this flasher.

I may have to do a bootable live XP 32 bit USB stick with the laptop power management support* to see if it's an issue with Win 7 x64. MPC went out of business not long after the release of Vista.

*UBCD4Win, ERD Commander/DART don't have it, thus the flasher refuses to run. Gah! Gimmie a bare ROM file and a DOS flasher program any day over this bolshoi.

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