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Giveaway of the Day - A Little Mention of Windows XP

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There is an offering today that has some mention of XP and EOL in April 2014. I never download any of the offerings but usually check everyday ... sometimes there are some good offerings but usually someone will post about a free or several free alternatives that are just as good ... without having to go through all the hoops and registration stuff.

Giveaway of the Day


Click on the yellow-gold box "Proceed to Download Page"

Today the giveaway is Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 Compact (English). This is their description ...

"March 13, 2014

Still need to run Windows XP as a virtual machine? Paragon’s Virtualization Manager is the solution. Microsoft discontinues Windows XP support by the 8th of April, which exposes your XP system to serious security threats. Use Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 Compact to save your Windows XP and run it as a virtual machine inside a new Windows 8.

Key Features:

* Use several operating systems on your PC;

* Create a virtual clone of your old PC before migrating to a new computer. Programs, files and user

settings are transferred automatically with zero user downtime. Take advantage of an up-to-date

powerful computer, while still having access to your favorite applications from your old PC;

* Even if you moved from PC to Mac, you can continue using your Windows as a virtual machine on

a new Mac;

* Evaluate any third-party software without threats to your PC. Run all new programs in a virtual

environment before installing them to the main OS.


If you scroll to the bottom, there are 15 comments so far as I post this, should be many more through the day. There is some XP discussion going on and maybe someone here want to try the offering.

May be some mention of other programs as the day goes on.

Additional ... a few more comments have been posted and this may be a good program to try out ... Paragon is a good name and a few have said the "registration part" went smooth ... that seems to always be a complaint with some of the daily offerings ... registration doesn't work or is a hassle.

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All well and good, but how is this going to protect XP after EOS? What's the difference between using this and any other VM? XP is still "exposed".

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I see since I posted earlier today the comments are now at 59. They make for interesting back and forth reading ... I don't have much need for a VM program myself and I rely on image backups for the ultimate repair job. I do have 2 or 3 free VM programs put away to use one day, if I would need one.

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