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Latest UDC compressed file will not open


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Well, I figured out the problem. The author of the file ebedded a zip file within a zip file this time around. So, prior to the 12/10/13 release it was:

UDC Zip file ----> UDC folder.

Now, it's UDC zip file ------> UDC zip file ------> UDC folder

Look at at attachments.



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I don't know when you got this but yesterday the download was a folder in a zip file, not a folder "in a zip file in a zip file". Maybe you downloaded it too soon and then he corrected it. Anyway this shouldn't have "file corrupt" as consequence, neither unpacking the file or running the batch.

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Ponch, I'm baffled. The situation is unchanged for me. Downloaded on Sunday Dec.15 at 22:00pm EST and the posted zip file stil contains another zip file by the same name, without the zip extention.

Any Ideas? This is where I get it from:


The file corrupt or invalid error came about because my default app for zip files was the internal windows tool. Once I used 7Zip to open it the error was gone.

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bphlpt, This used to work for me in the past and I'm not doing anything different. As long as I found a way to extract it, all is well. Some mysteries need to be left alone. Thanks, Gideon.

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I had this problem too - and after some discussion on another thread we discovered the cause.

The server was set to offer GZipped versions of ALL files - which can dramtically reduce server download bandwidth

The receiving browser is supposed to transparently un-GZip the file and return it to its original format

However when using older versions of Internet Explorer a downloaded ZIPfile remains GZipped - which baffles most UNZIP utilities.

Downloading using Chrome or Firefox should work OK - the file is saved as a plain ZIP file as expected.

Apparently this was a known issue with IE6, IE7 and IE8 - but was never fixed. Supposed to be fixed in IE9 and newer
Documented by MS as a fast published "emerging issues" article (2009/2010) - but no fix was ever implemented.

The two offered resolutions are basically:
Option 1 - Disable HTTP (GZIP) compression for .ZIP files on the web server.
Option 2 - Change the MIME type for .ZIP files on the web server from application/x-zip-compressed to application/octet-stream.

Also discussed here:

GZipping compressed files - such as ZIP files - is generally a waste of CPU time, for no significant reduction of filesize.
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