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  1. Zacchi4k, Look at the question in the post from April 16 and then Steven's reply in the post which follows on April 20. It's a few posts above this one.
  2. Added the Convenience Rollup Update KB3125574-v4-x86 to my slipstream package and what do you know? Windows update discovers 60 additional fixes. Is this the new normal? It's around 6 pm here but where you live it's already your birthday so, happy birthday to you and all the best, health above all. Welcome back.
  3. fedrace, the code you posted is for installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. nothing more, nothing less. That's not what we're after.
  4. Experiencing the same problem as olipaa and bugsy2016. Can't help but notice the method of renaming a zip file is new (That's what threw me for a loop in the first place). In the past we simply executed the ulz file you provided.
  5. Hi Steven, Surely you don't mean renaming the zip file, do you? I got the latest zip file, unzipped it and renamed the ul extension to ulz. Error with this file after renaming it: "Windows Update Downloader stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution" Please help, Thanks.
  6. I Agree with your post, Pennsylvaniaron. My thoughts are the same but you expressed it better. PS, I'm testing Droseran contribution and will post the results.
  7. Not only he doesn't do the updates anymore, I don't believe he even visits here and reads the posts anymore. Time to move on.
  8. Hi Steven, Malicicious Software Removel Tool (kb890830) points to v5.21 in both x86 and x64. It's not being retrieved because the latest version is 5.22 on Microsoft's server. Regards, Gideon.
  9. Evidentlly kb3004394 (12/2014) is a dud, at least for Windows 7. Microsoft reccomends uninstalling it. I did and it solved a problem for me. G.
  10. Oops, Latest ulz from 9/12/14 has the 64bit version of the Adobe Flash in both the x64 and the x86 versions.
  11. Hi, Are you providing updates to IE11? After latest installation Windows update asks for Cum update kb2929437 (Apr 2014) which was supposedly replaced by kb2957689. Just curious.
  12. Just installed the latest update list from May 13th: Perfection. Many many thanks.
  13. Hi Steven. I just installed the latest version of your updates file. Letting Windows7 check for updates it came up with 2 not present in your collection which it proceeded to install: kb2904266 - 9/12/2013 kb2908783 - 7/4/2014 Also, kb2835174 seems to be for Polish installation only. Not sure why it's included in the mainstream collection of updates. As always, Thank you.
  14. Latest UDC compressed file will not open

    bphlpt, This used to work for me in the past and I'm not doing anything different. As long as I found a way to extract it, all is well. Some mysteries need to be left alone. Thanks, Gideon.
  15. Latest UDC compressed file will not open

    Ponch, I'm baffled. The situation is unchanged for me. Downloaded on Sunday Dec.15 at 22:00pm EST and the posted zip file stil contains another zip file by the same name, without the zip extention. Any Ideas? This is where I get it from: http://xdot.tk/updates.html The file corrupt or invalid error came about because my default app for zip files was the internal windows tool. Once I used 7Zip to open it the error was gone.