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Windows 7 - Slipstream USB 3.0 Drivers

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MagicAndre1981 thank you very much, that worked. Now the drivers in the link I provided DID NOT work, so what I did was integrate the USB 3.0 drivers for my specific motherboard, and that worked.

So what I really need now is maybe a list of all the main USB 3.0 drivers for every motherboard's controller, so that regardless what system I install Windows on, it will have it's USB 3.0 drivers. If someone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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OK so I just made a Windows bootable installation that I've been wanting. Tweaked, all Windows updates until Nov 2013, USB 3.0 and ethernet drivers. I downloaded all the USB 3.0 drivers from all the controller manufacturers and integrated them into boot.wim:


Etron EJ198USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver

Fresco Logic xHCI USB3.0-3.5.36


Renesas USB3.0 Host Controller



Also added these ethernet drivers into install.wim:

Broadcom Ethernet Controller - win_b57_x64-

RealTek Ethernet Controller Driver - Win7 - 7.076 - 11222013

The Etron and Via drivers will .exe, so it was a major pain getting the .inf drivers from them, but I got them. I don't know why anyone has not gathered all the USB 3.0 drivers like I have and uploaded them somewhere for people to download. But if anyone wants this driver pack please let me know.

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Well speaking from personal experience including USB 3.0 drivers (Renesas) was a major pain for me. Even after i correctly integrated drivers into boot.wim with DISM half the time on bootup (Win7 x64 UEFi install from USB 3.0 flashdrive) nothing was found. I found out that i also needed to include Intel chipset drivers for everything to work the way it should. Took a lot of trial and error.

Oh and to make things even better latest Renesas drivers ( caused a BSOD on startup. I had to use wich was the previous release.

And that is nothing compared to magic i had to perform to properly update renesas's firmware. It kept complaining about plurar controllers so i had to do it via obscure commandline commands. Sigh...

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I found a website called driverpacks.net, which include all the drivers in a single 7z archive. There are many more drivers in these packs than the one I made, so I'm in the process of building an image to try these out.

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Hy! Everyone!

If someone has finished the integration of all usb3 controller driver and have a final boot.wim file (to w7 x86 and x64 too), please send it to my e-mail!


wolfman8 (at) postafiok (dot) hu

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Wlfman8, you do realize you requested an MS "BOOT.WIM", right? Please don't request that any more than you might request any of what might be considered warez. We don't provide that here - the best you get is a link to a LEGITIMATE (official) Win7 ISO and any drivers with instructions on how to integrate. Integration is up to you.


Please abide by the MSFN rules.



Thank you and HTH (as others above already have...)

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