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I'm sorry if this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I fear I might spend many hours browsing the site only to have collected a bunch of outdated information.

I have been using HFSLIP for many years to create slipstreamed non-IE Win2K installs. I am now wanting to do so with my WinXP installs as well.

I have noticed from my research thus far that some people use just HFSLIP, some just NLITE, and other a hybrid approach where they use both HFSLIP and NLITE.

So my question is as of Nov 2013, what is the best method to create a fully updated slipstream of WinXP with IE removed, and to reduce the size taken up on the install media.

In addition to this I would also like to be able to add to the install some REG files, some fonts, replace notepad and charmap with alternative apps.

Also, if anyone is of the opinion that NLITE or an HFSLIP/NLITE combo is better than just HFSLIP by itself for Win2K with the same goal - I would like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance.

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For almost 2 years i used HFSLIP for slipstream (after nuhi went on "vacations") and after slipstreaming, used nlite for components removal + config + tweaks.

In XP, i had modified the original source reg files with the tweak that makes quicklaunch bar to show in taskbar, disable annoying WGA "update", and few more tweaks that i needed so, everytime i use HFSLIP & nLite i didn't include a regfile to integrate.

Do a test, maybe it works much better than "like 'out of the box'" and i say 'maybe' because there are unnofficial updates.

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