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I did follow scrupulously the guide for Office 2003 Slipstreaming.

Evertthink goes fine.

As the commands in the MSFN guide NOT return any message telling that the process was indeed successful, I add to the end of each command /Lie F:\FileName_log.txt


msiexec /p F:\Office2003_SP1\MAINSP1ff.msp /a F:\Office2003\PRO11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb
msiexec /p F:\Office2003_SP1\MAINSP1ff.msp /a F:\Office2003\PRO11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb /Lie F:\OffSP1Main_log.txt

Moreover, here bellow the Office 2003 size after each updtae

Administrative Installation Point Office2003 size = 654 479 KB

size after MAINSP1ff.msp (SP1 update)= 660 823 KB

size after OWC11SP1ff (SP1 update)= 660 843 KB

size after Office 2003 Alternative User Input (office2003-kb870774-fullfile-enu.exe --> MSCTF.msp)= 660 863 KB

size after French Grammar Checker (office2003-kb873381-fullfile-enu.exe --> MSGR3FRff.msp)= 661551 KB

size after Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail (office2003-kb870765-fullfile-enu.exe --> OUTLFLTR.msp)=664 094 KB

The log files here attached show that, although all the Updtaes Installation was completed successfully, there is a DEBUG ERROR on the operation starting.

Do the installation SP1 + updtaes was realy completed successfully???



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I got the same problem but I found the solution!

If you get the error you have to:

- Do the administrative installation, for example install to C:\PRODUCT

- Extract the entire content of the SP in C:\SP

- Modify the file ohotfix.ini:

- Find the string "IsNormalUpdate=1"

- Replace it with "IsNormalUpdate=0"

(If you read all the stuff in the file you'll know...)

- Launch ohotfix.exe and you'll be asked to select the MSI to update.

- Wait...

- Enjoy

(I haven't tested this procedure with all the applications, but with OneNote it worked)

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Hey everyone,

I just followed all the instructions and I was able to get my Office 2003 slipstreamed.

However, when you follow this process, you loose the ability to cache the installation files. Is there any way of keeping this option?

I've changed the setup.ini file in FILES/SETUP/ to look like


But isn't the LOCALCACHEDRIVE variable commented out here? I've tried uncommenting it, but no luck... :(

Any suggestions?

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I understand how to slipstream to an admin install but I don't want to do that. If you have an Admin install point on a cd you can no longer use the online office update feature any more. Every update after needs to be sent from an admin point. This works great if you are doing this for a company but for personal use it a lot of work. I want to be able to install office 2003 SP1, and Junk mail filter on install (unattended or silent) from a runonce.cmd file. Can this be done? Has anyone tried this?

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Even in a corporate invironement, I'm p*ssed off by the fact you cannot go to office update anymore... I've tried everything, there is some setting in the MST file but it didn't work.

My solution for now is to use the regular content of the CD, make an MST file and then use a batch file to launch the installation of Office 2003 Unattended and SP1 right after. It runs just like a Hotfixe

SP1.exe /Q:A /R:N

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Fourth, on the batch file on step 4, it says to create a batch file? what should I name it and where should I place it to get it to run and what file should I edit to add the batch command to. someone forgot to explain it like I was 3 yrs old and never seen a compiuter before  or do I add it into the win xp silpstream in it's batch file command section?
I hate to ask this again but I need the same question answered. I have everything done as the guide says except for the batch file because the guide doesn't say anything other than to add specific lines to some batch file. In both methods in the guide all it says is:

Simple Method:

Add these lines to your batch file:


ECHO Installing Office 2003

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\PRO11.msi /QB

Advanced Method:

As you read at the end of the last section, we needed to change the path in the TRANSFORM syntax in order for it to work. Below are the full batch commands you can use, so add these lines to your batch file:


ECHO Installing Office 2003 Professional

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-

That's it!

If someone could address the question asked in the top quote it would be greatly appreciated.

I tried to go the Slipstream route with Office 2003 since I couldn't find the answer to the above question, but going that way and creating an Admin install point, I don't understand what you do with it after it's all done other than to "burn it to a CD for storage" like the guide says. I thought it was shown in the guide as another method to integrate the Admin Install Point into the UACD, but after doing everything the guide says to create it, there's nothing to show you how to make it part of the UACD so it can be installed.

I would really appreciate help here! :huh:

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