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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]

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log files from D:\ running source installation of office 2003 (spanish version) from C:\office\setup.exe (shrink tool in the same folder) and with target D:\office. the installation started and stops after a short time with error 25003 (i haven't got enough time to read the error message, something like unable to configure it), later shrinkage is complete (new space on disk: 7 mb and num of files copied: 0) hope it can help and sorry for this long post


2004-05-29 01:06:57 : <---  LOG OPENED  --->

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : Values Retrived from shrink.ini

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : Setup File Version: Office 2003

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : <---------------------------------->

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : Source Files Necessicary for setup Copied to: D:\office\FILES\SETUP\*.*

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : .

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : ..

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : SETUP.INI

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : <---------------------------------->

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : <---------------------------------->

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : Source Files Necessicary for setup Copied to: D:\office\*.*

2004-05-29 01:06:59 : .

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : ..

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : FILES

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : README.HTM

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : SETUP.HTM

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : AUTORUN.INF

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : SETUP.EXE

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : OWC11.MSI

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : PRO11.MSI

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : shrink48.exe

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : Unattended.mst

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : <---------------------------------->

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : Command Run: D:\office\SETUP.EXE /qb /laceimow "D:\office2.log" TRANSFORMS=D:\office\Unattended.mst

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : Waiting For 'Windows Installer' Window to appear....

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : 'Windows Installer' Window is visible

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : <--- Exclamation Sound Muted/removed:

2004-05-29 01:07:00 : Waiting for 'Error' Window to become visible...

2004-05-29 01:07:06 : 'Error' Window visible.

2004-05-29 01:09:58 : <--- Shrinkage Complete --->

2004-05-29 01:09:58 : <--- TIME Shrink Program running: 3 min

2004-05-29 01:09:58 : <--- NEW SIZE ON DISK: 7 MB

2004-05-29 01:09:58 : <---LOG CLOSED  -->


Detected Windows Info:

  PlatformId = 2

  MajorVersion = 5

  MinorVersion = 1

  ServicePackLevel = 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Launch Setup

29/05/2004 1:07:00

Recognized command line switch qb

Recognized command line switch laceimow

** Switching to new log file passed on command line. **

29/05/2004 1:07:00

Setup has detected a previously failed installation - Verbose Logging ON

Found property assignment: TRANSFORMS=D:\office\Unattended.mst

Setup path: D:\office\SETUP.EXE

Trying to get version of



D:\office\SETUP.EXE is version 11.0.5510.0

Current version of Setup.exe: 11.0.5510.0

Searching for .INI file: SETUP.INI


Settings file located: D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI

Reading settings file


Located: D:\office\PRO11.MSI

Package to install: D:\office\PRO11.MSI

Transforms:  passed in on command line, ignoring .ini settings

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Product\SkipLangCheck" (Default: 0)

Value: 0

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Product\CheckUpdates" (Default: 0)

Value: 0

Product {90110C0A-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9} is not installed for the user.

Checking for Windows Installer....


.. succeeded.

Checking for any beta version of the product.

dwNoLtCoExist = 0

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Cache\CDCache" (Default: 0)

Value: auto


Writing Task: Main - Microsoft Office 2003

Path: D:\WINDOWS\System32\msiexec.exe

CmdLine:  /I D:\office\PRO11.MSI TRANSFORMS=D:\office\Unattended.mst  LAUNCHEDFROMSETUP="1" SETUPEXEPATH="D:\office\" SETUPEXENAME="SETUP.EXE"  /qb

Looking for setup tasks to process.

29/05/2004 1:07:00  WaitForMsiExecDone...

29/05/2004 1:07:00  WaitForMsiExecDone exits

Verifying install package is available

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Cache\CDCache" (Default: 0)

Value: auto

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Cache\Purge" (Default: 0)

Value: 0

Reading from "D:\office\FILES\SETUP\SETUP.INI": "Cache\DeletableCache" (Default: 0)

Value: 1

Couldn't locate download information file (D:\office\PRO11.xml)

Couldn't perform local caching.



Command Line Logging Parameters:  /laceimow D:\office2_Task(0001).txt LOGVERBOSE=1

29/05/2004 1:07:00

Executing Task:

Microsoft Office 2003

"D:\WINDOWS\System32\msiexec.exe"  /I D:\office\PRO11.MSI TRANSFORMS=D:\office\Unattended.mst  LAUNCHEDFROMSETUP="1" SETUPEXEPATH="D:\office\" SETUPEXENAME="SETUP.EXE"  /qb  /laceimow D:\office2_Task(0001).txt LOGVERBOSE=1 CDCACHE="0" DWSETUPLOGFILE="D:\office2.log" DWMSILOGFILE="D:\office2_Task(0001).txt"

Type: msi

Ignore Return Values: False

Reboot: False

Successfully launched MsiExec....

29/05/2004 1:07:08  Chained install return code: 1603

Exit code was an error.

Shutting down chained setup processing.

Set Verbose logging for subsequent setup.

***** Setup exits

29/05/2004 1:07:08

(return = 1603)


[Directory]Office Source=c:\office\

Office Target=D:\office\


Office Setup EXE file=SETUP.EXE

Office Setup MST file=Unattended.mst




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thanks, i did it and i saw the same error, then it crate a folder of 7mb, what can i do with that? is the office complete in 7mb? :S

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haha no i wish i could make it that small.

I had the same problem with the english version of office 2k3 at first. It is looking for a configuration file that must be in a different place for the spanish version.

Im looking into it.

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ok here is the quick fix:

copy :\office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\3082\011\SKU011.XML

from your source to your target. That will get the instilation to run.

if you could do that and let me know of any other errors.

I can fix that problem i just cant do it right now, but im sure that there are more problems so try that and let me know.

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bad news it don't work copied the file from C:\office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\3082\011\SKU011.XML to D:\office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\3082\011\SKU011.XML didn't work, i also copied the sku011.xml file to sources C:\office and D:\office. good news is that i have captured the screen when error prompts: "Error 25003. No puede continuar la instalación de Microsoft Office porque está dañado el origen de la instalación." -> "Error 25003. Can not continue with Microsoft Office installation because the source of install it's damaged" if you need the logs i'll upload'em

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no i dont need them... I knew that was the error, but that file is supposed to fix it. humm........ :)

EDIT: actually yeah give me that log file. I only need the office_tast(0001).txt one.

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@buckeyeXP i can't find a solution on slimming down office2k3 and i can't finish my unattended cd because of the huge size (227mb SFX RAR for office). i hope you release a multilingual office 2k3 shrink utility (soon :) )

@alhaddar first check obvious things like installing office on a clean system (no office installed earlier) check out you're running an english version of office, you have administrative privileges, your office version it's simple (not 10in1 or 5in1 versions) and you followed the guide step by step.

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thanks SiMoNsAyS

Can tell me how I kown my office version its administrative privileges or not


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well i have find something interesting for users of non-english office verions. follow this process, it's tricky but you will find a solution to reduce the size of office:

start: you got the unattended.mst and administrative installation start shrink48.exe. and copy office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\3082\011\SKU011.XML to the target of shrink exe file for example:




don't know why installation will fail. i checked my D:\office\FILES\SETUP folder where i found \PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\3082\011\SKU011.XML :) (maybe i copied the file in a wrong place or maybe the installation moved the directory or don't know why).

another time started shrink48.exe and copied:




with this, installation started but it didn't find the necessary files, and it asked for the files needed, so it's a lot of work copy everytime every file that installation asks to the target folder but very useful if you are running a minimal installation, asking only for a few files. i think it will help the author (i'm running this method now in the other pc i will upload the logs when i finish it)

EDITED: my logs are here, they show the installation asks for a few files until it needs critical files like EXCEL.EXE and then it shows "retry or cancel"

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@simonsays: If you could get me a screen shot of the error box. Either error 1309 or 1308 that would be helpful.

Copying the files on those error messages is exactly what office shrink is supposed to do.

Also the folder is different for different languages.




IF anybody else that has another language i will need a screen shot of the error.

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ok i whipped this up real quick. This is only to test this is not a final release by any means. This will probably only work for the spanish version. but run it and tell what happens.

Also, for all of the other languages what does microsoft call restart. does it always start with a "R" because if it does this process would be alot easier. I know the spanish version does.

either way let me know

@Simonsays: let me know what you think.

EDIT: file in my last post

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