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Longhorn Transformation pack 4.0

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This application is embarrassing! One can't tell its installation package type. This is why no contribution was provided for it, as I think.

However, I tried some switches including -s, -R, and /S. The last one worked well except two problems:

1- Windows File Protection (WFP) appeared to ask for restoring files as you can see here: http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/wfp.htm

2- The installation program asked for reboot [Yes/No], as you know.

Therefore, we should disable WFP first, using the method on the link above. If we do this, the first problem is solved.

For the second problem, we can use the taskkill.exe command.

So, our batch file may include this:


ECHO Installing Longhorn Transformation pack 4.0

ECHO Please wait...

start /wiat "%systemdrive%\Install\LHTP4\Longhorn Transformation pack 4.0.exe" /S

taskkill.exe /F /IM xxxxxxx.exe


"xxxxxxx" stands for the running application name.

To know what to type in place of xxxxxxx, first install the application as usual, and before pressing "Yes" or "No" for a reboot, press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to run Task Manager and catch the running application name. As you know, it's not necessarily the same name of the program.

Give it a try! I'm sure it works.

As for me, when I tried it, WFP wasn't disabled on my computer. Also, System Restore was turned off, so no "Last Good Configuration" could be used! The Last Good Configuration for me was the same as the Last Bad Configuration!

So, prepared with my Windows XP SP1 CD Key, I stayed up reinstalling Windows again. However, my applications and everything remained. Only the system was reinstalled.

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I hate to be a stickler :rolleyes: but could you help me port that to my RunOnceEx file. I'm not very familiar with taskkill? Will that also work with some of my stubborn Wise Installers? Thanks


By the way, does this install the boot screen? I kinda like that :) but i know it's not part of the default installation. Plus i know that would be difficult because of the whole "please wait one minute so the boot screen can install" when running the installer. So if you got any ideas, let me know.

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taskkill can be used from RunOnceEX. its a WinXP program in SYSTEM32.

as for the porting....

%REG%\KEY1 = %systemdrive%\Install\LHTP4\Longhorn Transformation pack 4.0.exe /S

%REG%\Key2 = taskkill.exe /F /IM xxxxxxxx.exe

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What? I've never seen code like that anywhere! Or atleast not in my RunOnceEx?

%REG%\KEY1 =


If i had to take my best guess it would be

REG ADD %KEY%\120 /VE /D "Longhorn Transformation Pack" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\120 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Longhorn\Longhorn Transformation Pack.exe /s" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\120 /V 2 /D "taskkill.exe /F /IM Longhorn Transformation Pack.exe" /f

I don't know how you are coming up with your code. But i'm no expert :) Could someone verify this code and let me know if i'm anywhere close to right?!


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that's what I meant :)

I was typing from memory, and wasn't really sure of the exact syntax, but wanted to give you atleast some sort of idea. :rolleyes:

however, your taskkill won't work if it is meant to kill the tansformation pack install itself. RunOnceEX doesn't advance till the program executing is finished. You may want to check during installation, what program is actually running, and then use that name instead.

and just so you know, I never atually used the batch file method of importing the RunOnceEX keys. I always used INFs. Was cleaner and easier to understand. That and I could have one large INF that did everything for me, instead of half a dozen batches and reg files

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Yeah i hear you. But i don't understand INF files. So this is what i got :) Now i ran the program again (even though it's already installed) and once it got to the first setup screen i hit ctrl-alt-del and looked in up in the processes and sure enough... it was under Longhorn Transformation Pack.exe ?! So i'm not sure if i did that right. But how would i go about finding the accual name? Do i have to install it again or what?


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the point of taskkill is to kill a program that would halt the execution of the setup.

The transformation pack may not need it. So you may be able to remove it all together. I'm not sure.

But is there a window that pops up AFTER the setup screens? Like Winamp does? If there is, you want to find the exe name for THAT window, and replace it in the taskkill command.

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If you leave the installation file name as it is, then it appears under Task Manager as Longho~1.exe

To avoid using "~1", rename the file to "LHM4TP.exe" for example. Then, it should appear as LHM4TP.exe under Task Manager . Sweet!?

If the boot screen doesn't work, this is because the program doesn't replace the "ntoskrnl.exe".

There is a way to accomplish this.

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Extract the program files using /x command. This should be:

LHM4TP.exe /x

Inside the same folder where LHM4TP.exe resides at the time of extraction, you'll have ntoskrnl.exe! New!?

You can place it your way in C:\Windows\System32\ and restart your PC. Sweet!?


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