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Clean Alt-Tab for Win8: desktop item and thumbnails removed

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Oh hey it still shows up when there's only 1 window. I don't mind because I don't press Alt-Tab with only 1 window up, but you wanted to know.

Thanks. This is intended. Otherwise you can't Alt-Tab to a single window if the focus is elsewhere, like the desktop, taskbar, or windows without taskbar buttons.

Is there a chance we can get this awesome patch to do in-memory patching instead of on-disk patching?

I might look into that later on.

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Something not really mentioned here, but worth discussing in context:

Bear with me please, it's been a long time since I thought about this, and some of it is from memory...

With Vista (I think it was) the Z-ordering of windows was no longer maintained the same way as XP - I guess Microsoft figured some half-baked sorting of the list was somehow better than deterministically knowing that when you minimized a window it would always show up at the end, and the next most recent window used would be second in the list, third most recent third in the list, and so on.

In short, with XP and earlier you could keep a mental image of the Z-order and instinctively use Alt-Tab (or Shift-Alt-Tab) the proper number of times to reach the various windows you had been using. A power user didn't have to look at the list as much. I found that convenient, though I've gotten somewhat used to not having it.

Is there any way to tweak Explorer (or whatever) to return the old XP-like behavior?


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"AltTabSettings" registry value? (as I mentioned in the second post in this thread :))

I'd like it to look and work substantially as it does now, but with a more sensible Z-ordering. Is that what the "Old Style Alt+Tab Dialog" setting does?

Going to try it out in a VM...


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