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48 LBA and SATA drives in Windows 9X

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Okay so I am starting this topic due to a previouse issue I had, with a SATA drive I attempted to use as storage. The SATA is the Seagate 320.

So I tried to install it, into my windows 98. Apparently Windows 9x is unable to read any hard drives over

a certian amount of Gigs that uses a 48LBA cachce???? ( unless you want to correct me, please correct me ) Which means, you have to partitian the drive.

Meanwhile all 24LBA cache ( correct me on this term ) drives works normal.

I did that but I can't still test to see if this work because I am lacking the power supply cable for the

SATA drive I have.

I attempted to load the drive, but of course 9x tried to read threw the IDE to Sata I have but it will not

read. I could only assume, the VIA fasttrack that is connected to my drive, is what is getting in the way ( because that is detected by 98.

I have been reading, and is appears with many SATA devices a special BIOS is installed on board ( which also comes up via startuo ) and they all are very differnt, Win 9x needs special software to read SATA drives.

Again this is untested because I am lacking the Sata power source, ( it looks as if the SATA drive have a mini power outlet ( when the drive could have fit a big one but it has a mini one ) but I will to wait until I could get a new power outlet.

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You must have a defect on your keyboard. :unsure:

After you press the "." full stop or "period", you should also press the [ENTER] key, which will provide a Carriage Returne (or CR+LF) that will make your posts much more readable.

Hey, you actually asked to be corrected ;).

LBA is about "addressing", not about "cache".

Traditionally hard disks had an addressing scheme called CHS that hit a limit at around 8Gb in size (1024*255*63*512).

Then the LBA addressing scheme was widely adopted, but originally the LBA address had a size of 22 bits, in practice never used, and later of 28 bits.


This limited the max addressable size to around 128 Gb.

Then the addressing scheme was extended to use 48 bits instead.

To have a bigger than 128 Gb disk in Win9x/Me quite a number of things are needed/must be taken care of.

You will need to go through here:


Yes, all given links are related, but on second post dencorso put together a nice, simple "How to" that covers most cases.

For a SATA disk you might need additional "special" tools, like Rloew's SATA DDO/driver (or whatever).

You should post the specific make/model of the motherboard in order to get more "targeted" support.


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Any or all PCI sata cards will come with SATA/Raid drivers for win-9x/me. The card will most likely be based on SiL3112 and be a 2-port card. You install the SATA drivers for Win-98 and connect SATA drives and use them as native/Sata mode (not IDE or legacy mode). Any store selling computer parts will have these PCI-sata cards for sale, should cost under $20 USD or equivalent. Buy the 2-port SATA card - the 4-port cards might not work properly (no DMA).

You will not need any special or third-party software to get this to work.

I currently have a 750 gb and 1.5 tb drive connected to my win-98 system - they are each formatted as single partition. My 750 gb drive has run out of space many times, and I have transfered stuff over the the 1.5 tb drive to compensate. I have been downloading many 500 mb and 1gb files lately...

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My 98SE based server has a SIL3112 based SATA card that has pair of 1TB drives in RAID1.

My main computer uses a SIL3114, it has no performance problems and works wonderfully with my 3x 250GB and 1x 750GB drives.

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