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Post-SP2 Updates for Office 2010 (Updated 14 NOV 2015)


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Here are the update lists for Office 2010 SP2


Tested with the english version of Office 2010.  I have now moved/added some of the updates for non-english versions to a new category called Extra Updates as well as some updates not offered by Windows Update.



As the name suggests these updates are post SP2 updates. Office SP2 must be installed otherwise you may receive an error "The expected version of the product was not found on the system"



The list contains the updates for all editions of Office 2010.  If the edition you're using doesn't include components like Access, Outlook, Visio, Project, Infopath or Publisher, then there is no need to download or include those updates. 



KB2553092 is included as Windows Update still nags for installation even though it has been replaced by KB2825640



To integrate the updates into the installation media:


Extract the msp files from the update using the switch /extract:<location for extracted files> 


Copy the extracted msp files to the Updates subfolder under setup.exe


As SP2 needs to be installed before the post SP2 updates, you need to adjust the SP2 filenames so that they get applied first.

e.g. rename officesuiteww-x-none.msp to 1officesuiteww-x-none.msp


Also the proof-xx-xx.msp files from SP2 need to be included as well as the updated versions from the post SP2 proofing update.

e.g. rename proof-en-us.msp from SP2 to 1proof-en-us.msp, then add proof-en-us.msp from the latest update.



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outfltr2010-kb982726-fullfile-x86-glb.exe was not found on the remote server. this file will be skipped

Sometimes towards the end of the month, Microsoft remove the junk email filter update from their servers. The updated version is then made available on Patch Tuesday.

If you try again after Patch Tuesday, then it should work - and you'll actually have the latest version.

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lwjohns, ... , said:

Here are the update lists for Office 2010 SP2

Attached Files

zip.gif office2010-sp2-x64.ulz 4.11KB 10 downloads

zip.gif office2010-sp2-x86.ulz 4.12KB 30 downloads

Edited by lwjohns, 14 March 2014 - 08:21 AM.

Hello everyone,

If you have issue downloading "AdminTemplates_32bit.exe", like i had using the office2010-sp2-x86.ulz 14 March 2014,

follow this link .

L.E.: Thank you lwjohns for your good job!

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Thanks for info. My update lists had links to version 1 of the files which are no longer available. I'll update to version 2 of those files next week.

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something is wrong.


I have the office 2010 standard x86 sp2 integrated installed here and from windows update I see 28 updates for office 2010. with the wud and this updated list I see 40 updates, ignoring the update packs and installations.. whats up with these updates?

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