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  1. outfltr2010-kb982726-fullfile-x86-glb.exe was not found on the remote server. this file will be skipped
  2. Nuuuuuu!!! :'( Can someone explain me how i can create an update list? I'd like to help as i can but i've no idea where i can grab the ALL the updates names (KB******)
  3. Thankyou very much, you were right, i tried with the antivirus turned off and asc worked fine!
  4. With me it doesn't works. I'm using the full version of asc with an italian setup. After i create avira.exe when i run it i got this error: Non 7z archive. http://i45.tinypic.com/21eqa2d.jpg I didn't delete anything from the asc folder and i didn't move the file avira.exe from there. I'm running windows 7 x64 (as admin) with uac disabled. What's wrong?
  5. Please help me, i use the nLite's RunOnce function to call WPI.hta %SOURCE%\WPI\Wpi.hta and it works, but windows doesn't wait WPI closes to load the desktop (cmd closes) can you help me?

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