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A disk read error occurred, press ctrl+altr+del to restart how to fix


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Hello friends! I was using win8 & for some reason i were tried to install winxp using win2flash Software.i used a internal hard drive instread of usb drive for it. I mean i select the usb drive path to a hard drive path of my hard disc.normally win2flash started working but after few seconds my windows 8 restart with showing this error(>) your pc ran into a porblem & needs to restart (<) but after restart i can not boot. It Shows this error (>) A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+altr+del to restart (>) i know this can make working with repartitioning but i don't want to loss a single ammount of data. SO how can i recover my data or how to fix it? N.B: MY harddisc is recogniged by BIOS & Windows PE but The partition is not showing! Someone help will be apreciated...

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You had Windows 8

You tried to install XP using Win2flash

To continue:

You ignored what the Win2flash tool intended scope is (and its instructions/documentation) and managed to attempt making your internal disk an "install disk for XP" .

Now a couple of questions:

  1. You mentioned a WinPE, which WinPE is it?
  2. Is it on a boot CD/DVD or on a USB stick? (or however can you move it to a USB stick or other NON-read-only device?)


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