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Older Registry Cleaner That Will ID By Name

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Just a quick mention about this one registry cleaner that I use for XP and used to use with Windows 98SE ... RegCleaner Maybe some newer people have come along and didn't know about this particular cleaner. This cleaner will show software that is registered to the registry that you may not know is still in your machine. A good example is when I install a newer version of Shockwave ... during the install, there are two check marks for Google junk that I never install ... if I remember correctly, one is for the Google Toolbar and then something with Google Chrome (?). I always remove the check marks but when I run RegCleaner the two Google entries are always there along with the Shockwave entries ... it looks to me that the Google entries were still installed even though I requested that they not be. I remove them once and for all with RegCleaner.

Many times when I uninstall a program this program will still show an entry or two by name so then I manually delete them and then run a few other cleaners for a nice clean registry ... plus it does several other things also.




RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago. And by easily, I mean easily. You don´t have to be any expert to use this program.

Key Features

# Remove file types

# Remove entries of old software

# Uninstall and remove Software from the Add/Remove list

# Remove unused DLL files

# Remove unused Shared DLLs (Automatically detected)

# Automatic backup feature

... just to add, the last version of Shockwave Player that I just installed (current v12.0.2.122) I only seem to remember seeing one Google entry with RegCleaner even though there were two Google check marks during the install ... there usually were always two Google entries to remove. Maybe there is only one with newer versions, not sure.


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Thx for reminder...

BTW, re - SWFLASH - you're getting the "consumer" one instead of the "licensed" one ("Just the flash, Ma'am" <- Joe Friday). ;)

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