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What happened to Deeper Impressions thread ?


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The Deeper Impressions thread seems quite unique for MSFN, as I don't think anyone can argue. Having members that have specifically stated that they joined for the sole purpose to participate in the thread backs that opinion up. I also believe that it has been getting special privilege in a way for quite a while since I'm not aware of another thread here where as much "bashing" and making fun of any company has gone on for this long without moderator interference. That is not to say that the criticisms leveled against MS have no merit. I, too, do not care for Win 8 in general and I think that MS has made some very bad decisions for questionable motives that seem doomed for failure due to their refusal to listen to their customer base. But as much as many of the thread participants have derided Neowin and certain "journalists" as being MS fanboys, it almost seems that the Deeper Impressions thread became the opposite, or "anti-MS", and much, much broader in scope than just Window 8. As such, I can't agree that "It makes absolutely no sense at all for that thread to be anywhere else except for in the Windows 8 forum", nor can I agree that it should stay in any part of any of the technical subforums. That would be too limiting. I also don't understand the argument that moving the thread is "burying" it, since as Tripredacus points out it is now located slightly higher on the main page in a less crowed subforum. And a redirect was left where it used to be, so what's the problem? Besides which, if you utilize the http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=new_posts&search_app=forums link to enter the forum, as I do and I think many others do, it doesn't matter where the thread is located. For consistency, the "First Impressions" thread could be moved to the General Discussion area as well to keep the two threads together, if that would make everybody happy.

I also don't think it is valid to say that if they can move the thread, the next thing they'll be doing is deleting posts on a whim. To my knowledge, there have been no posts at all deleted in the Deeper Impressions thread, and the fear that there will be is unfounded. Sure it could happen, and I could be killed by a falling meteorite tomorrow. But the likelihood of either happening is so small that discussing the potential seems to me to be trying to needlessly stir up fear, uncertainty and doubt. That's not to say that I, and I'm sure many others, won't be keeping a close eye on things, and if it does happen then the discussion will justifiably change.

But I agree that the closure--move--reopen could have been handled better. For one, it should have happened a long time ago. And second, it just should have been moved without the closure. But those are board internal matters. We can all respectfully voice our opinion and privately ask for clarification and reconsideration. Open communication is a very good thing, and it helps everyone if it is clear why decisions were made. But too much public arguing and complaining about how the board is run, and open accusations about the staff's motives, create a caustic atmosphere that doesn't help anyone.

I have seen criticism of MSFN that it isn't up to date and the main page doesn't always have current news. Personally, I don't care. I know of no free board that is staffed with unpaid volunteers that can legitimately claim to be all things to everyone. I don't use MSFN for "news" - I use it for technical issue solving, learning new technical tricks, and learning about software apps that I had not been exposed to before. Anything else is pure gravy.

I think the Deeper Impressions thread should remain, and I hope it remains active and vibrant. It's a fun read. But I think the criticism of the MSFN staff is overblown and misplaced. I hope I'm not wrong about that.

Full disclosure: I am not, nor have I ever been, an employee of MS or of any other software company. (Though Bill Gates and I are the same age - LOL) All the opinions expressed by me are my own and have not been coerced by anyone by any means. :)

Cheers and Regards

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One big question is this: Is there external pressure being applied on MSFN or is this completely an in-house matter? The answer is key to journalistic integrity and as it stands I see no way to answer it.

This is and has been, from the start, completely an in-house matter. Rest assured of that. MSFN remains an independent entity, as it has always been, from the start.

Now, CharlotteTheHarlot, the thread has been moved, it's now located in a place where it has the same or even more visibility than before, no content or info was lost and it remains available for everybody. Let's leave it at that.

This thread I'm posting in right now has really no reason to continue. The problem is solved.

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