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Error when sending scanned document from brother printer to computer e

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Hi Guys!

I have aproblem trying to scan and then send to computer email from a Brother DCP9010printer.

I have goneinto settings for this printer and it is set to open Outlook 2010 but it readsthe document and then throws up roughly the following error:

"Eitherthere is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill themessaging request" error message when you send e-mail from third-partyprogram in Outlook…

This messageis in Swedish, but that doesn't matter lol…

I havechecked settings and Outlook is supposed to be set to the default email program…

This iswhere I don't understand what could have happened…I have just bought a newcomputer and set it up for the customer installing her required software etc.

I installedMicrosoft Office 2010 Standard for Small Businesses 64bit version…theinstallation didn't give any errors until the software from Brother seemed tocause a hiccup..

On googlingfor the error I was led to this info:

When Ichecked under:


There wasno Microsoft Outlook…there was a listing for Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail…butno Outlook?

I ranrepair of Outlook and low and behold there was a listing for Microsoft Outlookafter the repair?!

I thenretried the Scanning to computer email from the printer, but the same errorcame up?

The infostates that I should remove the subkey, but which is the subkey of all thedirectories under the


There arethe following:






Or do Ijust remove the whole of Microsoft Outlook and then restart Outlook?

I am justwondering why Microsoft Outlook didn't exist before running repair and thenaccording to the info I remove it and then run repair again….just seems like awaste of time…

Can someonegive me some feedback on this, please!


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64bit Office is discouraged from being installed because there are compatibility issues with it and other programs. I'm not sure if it is related to your issue, but I would try using 32bit Office instead.


ControlCenter3 doesn't support the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010.

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Hi Mate!

Thanks for that...seemed to overlook that....:unsure:

I will let my customer know and get the 32bit version installed.


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