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Laptop wifi card with 98 support.


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I have a Microsoft wifi card but, it only supports WEP. I might just lower my security to WEP but, was curious about other laptop wifi cards that have 98 support. does any one they use have one or know of any?

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That card is RTL8185 based and there are lots of cheap mini PCI cards available on ebay ! I now know what my laptop will get :3

Are there any Win98 compatible wifi setups that support WPA2 ? I tested one D-link USB thing long ago but I cannot remember whether it did or did not support WPA2...

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aaaww the belkin is for desktops only. So i guess look for "RTL8185" based solutions then.

also what software do you use to manage wifi connections. i might guess the windows software will not support a non Microsoft wifi card?

EDIT: snagged one on ebay for 3 bucks USD shipped and got some 98se inf drivers.

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I have finally got my laptop to use non Broadcom card and I have been trying to get Atheros AR5005G working, but I have had no luck at all. INF says 9x is supported but no driver has the 9x specific file, and none got the client program to go with the card.

I now have my eyes on a Ralink 2561F based card and Intel 2200BG (I will try out some Lenovo driver that got posted a little ago !

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Success with Ralink RA2560F !

I used the RA2500 mPCI/PCI driver from Ralink site, it comes with the client and works nicely !

It understands what WPA2 is but cannot connect to it though... so that means I will change my Wifi settings a bit at home.

I could not get Intel 2200BG or Atheros AR5005G to work

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Anybody know where I can find a working 98se broadcom wireless g driver/utility for laptop. AKA Dell truemobile 1300. I've pieced together an inf and sys from 06/2004. Driver loads ok, the utility I have is from 12/2004 and doesn't work.



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Google: "Dell truemobile 1300 win9x"

First two links provide the needed info: wpc54g_driver_utility_v1.21.zip

Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?)

"martin mayer" <mama@inter.net> wrote in message news:<opr8i49ntpfumbpw@news.online.de>...

> hi,


> does someone know, if there were somewhere windows 98 driver for the

> TrueMobile 1300 (Broadcom 54g)?

Try this:


Use only this version of this driver and not the newer one!

Works fine with my notebook and the DELL TrueMobile 1300 with win98!


ftp.linksys.com is down, so Google: "wpc54g_driver_utility_v1.21.zip" and follow links to Modem-help or DriverGuide. File is 8.3MB.
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Word of warning :


The util replaces IPHLPAPI.DLL for something newer/different and it breaks a ton of programs that KernelEx can make work such as Foxit Roader.

I don't have compatible hardware but I was interested in trying out the util. After uninstall it does not restore the original file. I had to extract it from windows install CD.

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