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windows 8 desktop use


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Started this based on a post I seen in the start is back thread, someone stated they feel windows 8 has enhancements over windows 7 leaner faster etc. very vague terms which I cannot back up based on my experience on both VM's and physical machines.

However if we take performance out of the equation.

Metro out of the equation.

What features does win8 have that win7 doesnt have, new technologies etc. am very curious thanks.

I am already aware of 30+ functions removed in windows 8, so I am curious if new ones make up the difference.

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Only thing for me is file copy dialog although the file overwrite/conflict dialog is a huge step back IMHO because it lacks details like size, date modified you need to make overwrite decision and increases number of clicks for everything except "Yes to All" or "No to All".

The Task Manager is a regression. File History is a regression over Previous Versions. Reset and Refresh doesn't preserve desktop apps (so unless you're a Metro fanboy or don't know how to clean install, there's not much point to it). The Explorer Ribbon is a step back from the command bar (or you could use the customizable Classic Shell Explorer bar). Multiple monitor improvements? Their blog says 14% desktop users have multi-mons and considering how for desktops, Windows 8 is an abomination, I don't see the point there either. USB 3.0? You need a new controller for that anyway - get one that has Windows 7 drivers. Hyper-V? At the cost of giving up Virtual PC? No way, especially when it requires SLAT-enabled CPU and the experience is half-baked. ISO mounting in the Explorer? That is for n00bs. I have been mounting ISOs from the shell since Windows 95.

Actually, there is no value at all because they have lost the backward compatible design religion. Backward compatibility doesn't just mean being able to run older apps, it applies to system components and features too. You preserve what works and build around it. Even if you rewrite from scratch or overhaul, you try to retain the previous component's features as user's workflow depends on them. Everything in Windows 8 has been reckless modified breaking long-standing Windows behaviors and features and nothing is configurable either, it's uber-dumbed down. It's not that I can't learn or adapt to change, but I am not convinced the change is better by breaking previous design. To make everything Apple-like and simple, they cut features, they cut whatever little customization Windows has (compared to Linux, it's "little"). Reg values are getting broken and unsupported. Features just disappear. NOT DONE.

This is just *my* opinion. Others may see it as "vastly improved" but honestly, I can't trust anything new to last in Windows 9. It will be "re-imagined" again. It shows total disrespect for the user. To profit, they will do anything and sell you a different OS as "Windows". Which is what they're doing with Windows RT. There is no transparency either. Windows 8 supposed to be a transitional OS where everything will move over eventually to Windows RT and the desktop dropped 3-4 iterations later? For the folks who chose Microsoft because they were not Apple, it's the end of the road and there is no other company which can produce innovative, user-friendly OSes with such leadership. The new stuff in Windows 8 is not bad, it just is an insult to the old stuff and to the ways of working of the user and the features he depended on.

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it has nothing over win7

except improved touch technology

Agree and I don't have a touch screen so mouse don't work real great trying to get those things to come up on edge.

What a waste of an OS.

All they needed to do was put in a switch so one could change from Phone/pad to a desktop OS.

Or on their crappy installer just a ?. Is this for desktop or not and which do you prefer?

I'll not waste money on it no matter how cheap they try to sell it. I have a technet so I get it free to play with in a Vm but that will be extent of that.

Will stick with Win 7 and after that I guess it will be time for Linux as bad as I hate to say that. Had Win since 3.1

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What features does win8 have that win7 doesnt have, new technologies etc. am very curious thanks.

- File backup and history

- new taskmgr

- Ribbons in Explorer

- native ISO mount

- Hybrid boot

- new DISM Commands to faster repair files and reduce the WinSxS size (very useful on SD drives)

- improved defrag with supports SSD and sends trim instead of doing defrag on SSDs

- Hyper-V included (Pro Edition)

- MUI support for all editions

- Multi-monitor support for taskbar

- native USB3.0 drivers

- Storage Spaces

- SMB 3.0

without using the new garbage Metro UI, Win8 = Win7 R2, but with some removed features :wacko:

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Yeah the new DISM commands to reduce WinSxS bloat are a much-needed improvement. And on my laptop with UEFI, it boots in 2 seconds thanks to Hybrid Boot. SMB 3.0=TONS of new features. thumbup.gif Sadly, they're not enough for me compared to crippled desktop. :(

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