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Capped (clipped, whatever) sound with Audigy sound card

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When I will open the computer again (since the surgeon left a tool inside - in this case forgot to plug the front panel power), I will supply the card with an additional line. This is not required, but since it's there, why not take advantage of it ?

Manufacturers are all well-known for putting extra connectors on their cards just because they can :ph34r:


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Manufacturers are all well-known for putting extra connectors on their cards just because they can :ph34r:

...as well as Horny Mike puts horns everywhere...


in the case of Phaenius there is no need to add them, as they (some horns I mean) will grow spontaneously out of boredom over the time he will be able to fix (or replace :ph34r:) that sound card/system.


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I didn't want to post anything until I am sure to have solved everything or at least addressed every issue in the final way (I mean to assure nothing can be done without replacing the card). But, since you wonder I will paste an answer written a few days ago:

I think I managed to solve the "capping" problem. It might have been a clipping problem after all.

Possible reasons:

1. Sound card's output level is too high for the input of active speakers' amplifier to handle and, at "rich" sound and powerful bass, it simply ran out of power to amplify. Volume knob handles the level of amplifying, the power given towards speakers, they don't have an input level volume, they take what it's given and, in this case, a too high volume from the sound card.

2. I read somewhere that input impedance of an amplifier must be a few times higher than output impedance of a line out. If not, amplifier can "short" the output (in a way) and this could mean a power drop.

The solution:

I set the sound card volume lower and active speaker's volume higher. At the moment, active speakers' volume knob is set at about 70%, Winamp is set at 70% volume (both fixed values) and I only adjust the volume from the sound card's output. From 0% to 30% I get reach and powerful bass in any circumstances and sound doesn't "cap" anymore. At least one problem solved. At least I hope, I did almost a week of intensive testing and it works ok.

Still, there is the matter of front panel to solve. I plugged to power cable but still no connection to the front panel. I hope I didn't break anything somehow. When I will open the computer again, I will replace my new "suppa-duppa" cable with the original one, hope it will solve the problem.

Lastly, there is the problem of "metallic" sound. Well, at speakers I don't sense it anymore, but that was detected mostly in the headphones. During my limited testing when computer was open and front panel was working I noticed an improvement listening to headphones as well, but this could have been something that lasted shortly. Have to do extensive testing as well, when I will (hopefully) make the front panel to work.

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