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Facebook on W98 -SOLVED-


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If you have troubles using Facebook on W98, try the Mobile version, with Javascript disabled:


No bells and whistles but the basic, and most important functions are there: Photos, messages, timeline etc.

Of course the normal Facebook may still work on some browsers of choice, but it will never be as fast as with Javascript disabled. And only Mobile Facebook supports Javascriptless browsing. Especialy if your computer is kind of old.

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It's not "surfing" which is a problem. It's javascript.

Where I can get rid of javascript browsing is instant. I barely see the page coming.

Javascript on Facebook was always too slow even when it worked properly (which was rare).

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I'm trying to tell you that I have many entries in my hosts file that are there because I *block* the internet cancer that is facebook (or, as I call it, fecebook).

Practically every website you visit has links to fecebook (and twitter, and about a dozen other web-metrics and ad-serving hosts). All of which is trivial to block with an appropriately-crafted hosts file.

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try to abuse/'fully utilize' the $RDIR command from proxomitron.

you could trim the contents of heavy-bloated .js files, and make 'em load local-ly.

This MSFN sites for example, I configures the proxomitron in certain way to make its (edited) .js & .css files were loaded locally.

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That's a good idea.

I just discoered a feature in Maxthon similar to proximitron albeit less advanced where I can disable some sources of bloat.

It's called the content filter list.

I added:


And pages as well as scripts on Yahoo! News became much lighter already.

(I still need scripts to be enabled on Yahoo News to be able to use a plugin to save the news on my HDD. But most of the time I disable javascript entirely.)

I guess there are dozen of such entries which could make your internet experience much better.

You don't need to reload js. localy. You can simply block their loading. Unless you want to replace them with function .js files rewritten by yourself. Awsome but difficult to do.

Unfortunately it will never block scripts embedded in the main html document.

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I run the Abyss web-server on my machine. Any domain in my hosts file that points to is handled by Abyss.

I check the logs once in a while looking for 404 errors and I go out and download the offending files (the vast majority of them being .js files) and add them to my c:\inetpub\wwwroot tree (the tree served up by abyss). I examine these js files looking for internal links to what I consider garbage domains and delete them from the js file. I'll usually run the js file through an on-line "beautifier" to re-format the code in a more readable format.

I'm not quite sure how to handle the php files (such as like.php) because Abyss doesn't run them, and the browser ends up asking what I want to do with the file "like.php".

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