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ssd is corrupted by windows install (or me?)

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I started installing windows 7 to a micron c300 ssd. I chose the whole ssd as the install target, The install cycle started and then i realized i forgot to save some raw space for a linux install. so i just shut off the computer.

reboot into win 7 installer now shows the ssd has zero bytes available.

bring up a cmd terminal with shift +f10 and start disk part.

list the disks -> the ssd is disk 0

select disk 0


it says 'cleaned'

reboot-> still only zero bytes on the ssd.

plug the ssd into another windows 7 box-> ssd doesnt show up in explorer.

however, I do see it in device manager.

bring up administrative tools->computer management->disk management , NO SSD!

uninstall the ssd in device manager. reinstall the diver by selecting 'scan fr hardware changes'

no improvement-ssd still invisible in disk management

boot into ubuntu linux-> gparted doesnt see the ssd.

So....., I did download the firmware update,C400 mSATA Rev. 01MG Bootable Media Firmware Update, from here


This did recognize the disk and successfully flashed the firmware! However the disk is still seen by the windows startup disk as having zero bytes. diskpart still gives the same errors.

so i rebooted with the firmware update disk. this is a linux based iso. by holding f8, it traces the boot process.

the following erros are reported:

InitiDiskBIOS reported 0 sectors/track, assuming 63!

Error reading partition table drive sector 0 BIOS reported 0 sectors/track, assuming 63!

The disk continues to boot properly and this time recognizes that the firmware does not need updating, it is already at version 01MG, the most recent.

Curious that the disk is seen by the bios and some parts of windows but not resettable. i attached the ssd to a windows xp system and ran crystaldiskinfo.

This utility says my ssd is 2199 gb! not bad for something that is supposed to be ~128gb. so how can i fix thix this ssd? minitools and easus wont fix it.

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Try this. Crucial and Micron are the same company (or, at least, their SSDs are the same).

*Edit: It might not apply fully to your situation, but you have nothing to lose...


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Also, an ATA Secure Erase may reset the device :unsure:


(on linux hdparm can do the same)

The "power cycle procedure" is reported verbatim (and "generically") at newegg:


At first sight it does not make much sense, but there are several reports that it worked.


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tnx again for your thoughts.

secure erase doesnt see the ssd

power cycling did nothing

i have an email into crucial/micron-we'll see what they say

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