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Trace why Windows 8 boots, shutsdown or hibernates slowly


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looks like the reading of the hibernation file is slow:


your Hitachi Travelstar 5K250 160GB is not the fastest HDD.

Oh yeah, those HDD is my secondary Drive and I installed at HDD Caddy, I got it from my old laptop. My Primary is SSD Team Xtreem S3 120GB and I install windows 8 in SSD.

Maybe I will try to tweak hibermate settings :-/ (size to 100%)

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<process name="smss.exe" startTime="5376" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/>

<process name="csrss.exe" startTime="426505" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/>

<process name="csrss.exe" startTime="428346" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/>

is this normal?

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SMSSInit is very slow.

<interval name="SMSSInit" startTime="5376" endTime="429690" duration="424314">

I need the ETL file to see more. Why are you not using the new fast startup?

The fast startup option in the power options? I am using it.

My ETL is 100mb


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you have disk IO. Check if Autochk.exe is the cause (click on the left icon next to the disk io graph)

If you use fast boot, run the faststartup xbootmgr command at the end of the guide. You did the normal "old-school" boot.

All I got from the graph was ' System Processes (4) '

Also I renamed Autochk.exe, but there was no difference in the boot time.

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the trace shows autochk runs at this time. Delete the autochk entry from BootExecute in the registry and run chkdsk yourself.

Again there was little to no difference in boot time.

Any idea why smss.exe would be taking so long?

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this time InitializeRegistry takes so much time.

Add +Registry+REG_HIVE to the command (after POWER) and -stackwalk RegQueryKey+RegDeleteKey+RegCreateKey+RegOpenKey+RegSetValue+RegDeleteValue+RegQueryValue+RegCloseKey+RegCloseKey

xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER+Registry+REG_HIVE -stackwalk RegQueryKey+RegDeleteKey+RegCreateKey+RegOpenKey+RegSetValue+RegDeleteValue+RegQueryValue+RegCloseKey -resultPath C:\TEMP

this activates registry data collection.

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