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simple batch file question from a newbie


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I have one question regarding batch files with WPI.

Here is my scenario

1. I have the WPI folder on a USB stick

2. I have an batch file i want to run called oem.bat

oem.bat contains these commands. but they do not get excecuted. by the WPI menu. but if i run the batch file my self i works fine.

What me batch file does

@echo off

copy OEMLogo.bmp %windir%\system32

regedit /s OEMinfo.reg


command from JS

prog[pn]=['OEM Logo Labtech - support oplysninger'];







cmds[pn]=['{BATCH} "%wpipath%\\install\\oemlogo\\oem.bat"',''];

desc[pn]=['OEM Logo Labtech'];



Kind Regards THXMAN

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Try to give the full path inside your oem.bat file (where are located OEMLogo.bmp and OEMinfo.reg)

for OEMLogo.bmp and using regedit /s

*Edit: Check also the quotes: (double quotes at last)

Your example corrected:

cmds[pn]=['{BATCH} "%wpipath%\\install\\oemlogo\\oem.bat"'];
Edited by myselfidem
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my files OEMLogo.bmp and OEMinfo.reg are located in "WPI\install\oemlogo" folder same place as the oem.bat

and i have my WIndows and WPI running from a USB stick

WPI folder is in the root of the usb stick

i did fix (double quotes at last) thank you :)

can you tell me the full path command line i should use inside the oem.bat file

@echo off

copy OEMLogo.bmp %windir%\system32

regedit /s OEMinfo.reg

Kind regards THXMAN

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One last thing, what command should i use to start wpi\wpi.exe from the usb stick.

because this here does not work, i run it from $oem$\$$\setup\scripts\setupcomplete.cmd

@echo off

for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\sources\install.wim set root=%%i:

Start %root%\WPI\wpi.exe

rem del %0

Kind regards THXMAN

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I'm trying for a long time now to run a batch file:

@echo off

echo Installing Java
for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a" /s

with this command typed in wpi:

{BATCH} "%wpipath%\Install\WinExt\Java\Run.bat"

It fails instantly.

Well if this command work somehow it will be a great progress in updating the unattended installation executable because I have to replace only with the newer executable and not change the commands for each file. This method if work saves time updating.

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Is it really? I cannot figure out my mistake.

This is how I select the path so I won't make a mistake with paths:


if you mean the path IN the batch file I have no idea how to fix this but if double click it runs and installs ok.

My full path there is "E:\Programs\Install\Projects\WPI ALL\WPI\Install\WinExt\Java" In java is bat and exe file.

I'm just building this in there if use it I will move it to a flash memory stick.

Edit: Can you see my video in this post? I cannot see that. If no please try this.

Windows post install - cannot run batch with "for" and ''do" commands.

oh what is happening? third edit and no video at all....

Edited by stsaerox
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