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  1. One last thing, what command should i use to start wpi\wpi.exe from the usb stick. because this here does not work, i run it from $oem$\$$\setup\scripts\setupcomplete.cmd @echo off for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\sources\install.wim set root=%%i: Start %root%\WPI\wpi.exe rem del %0 Kind regards THXMAN
  2. Thanks you so much, work great. i got i learn more about command
  3. my files OEMLogo.bmp and OEMinfo.reg are located in "WPI\install\oemlogo" folder same place as the oem.bat and i have my WIndows and WPI running from a USB stick WPI folder is in the root of the usb stick i did fix (double quotes at last) thank you can you tell me the full path command line i should use inside the oem.bat file @echo off copy OEMLogo.bmp %windir%\system32 regedit /s OEMinfo.reg Kind regards THXMAN
  4. I have one question regarding batch files with WPI. Here is my scenario 1. I have the WPI folder on a USB stick 2. I have an batch file i want to run called oem.bat oem.bat contains these commands. but they do not get excecuted. by the WPI menu. but if i run the batch file my self i works fine. What me batch file does @echo off copy OEMLogo.bmp %windir%\system32 regedit /s OEMinfo.reg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ command from JS prog[pn]=['OEM Logo Labtech - support oplysninger']; uid[pn]=['OEMLOGOLABTECH']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; pfro[pn]=['no']; cmds[pn]=['{BATCH} "%wpipath%\\install\\oemlogo\\oem.bat"','']; desc[pn]=['OEM Logo Labtech']; pn++; . Kind Regards THXMAN
  5. Just a thing, when i have made a file like directx_Jun2010_redist.sfx.exe should i then be able to run it by open it, to test if it works. before i integrated it into my windows. kind regards THXMAN
  6. Hi again i got it to work now, SFX maker was in a sub folder. and not in root of my drive.
  7. Hi DeTard and thanks for the ansaw. i did as you said. but when i make SFX file, its size is 0kb dont know why, seems very simple. using 7-zip, I extracted the EXE to a folder and created a 7z file of the files. Then I used 7zip SFX Maker to make it extract to a temp folder silently, and execute "dxsetup.exe /silent" (from the Execute tab).then After making the SFX file. the size of it is 0 kb. very weird. Kind regards THXMAN
  8. Hi need some help to intergrate directx_feb2010_redist.exe into RT 7 Lite. anyone knows how it done, what commands i shall use. kind regards THXMAN
  9. Hi i have made a costumsize windows7 64bit Home premium with intergrated windows updates and drivers + programs/software. using RT Seven Lite Beta build 2.4.0. but if you look at my attach picture, you can see i can chose between 4 windows installation Home basic, Premium, Professional, Ultimta. it could be nice if my seesion file could work with all 4 windows installation, so all my windows update files and drivers ect.. would be intergrated into these installations. right now i can see that in my last session.inf it only works with intergration on Windows 7 Home premium. it could by nice if i could install all 4 version of win7, with drivers and updates ect.. from one DVD. i think it has somthing to do with the files below install.win install_Windows 7 HOMEBASIC.clg install_Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM.clg install_Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL.clg install_Windows 7 ULTIMATE.clg I really need some help here please. when i make a Image with RT Seven Lite Beta build 2.4.0 does all files like drivers and updates ect.. get saved in the install.wim file ? and what get saved in the files install_Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM.clg Hope you understand me Lastsession.inf
  10. Hi i fixed it, it was a to long file name Kind regards THXMAN
  11. Hi i have used nlite many times now to make my iso´s. but suddenly it wont make my iso right. my windowsxp files is about 800mb. But nlite only makes an iso to 400mb. it only copies i386 and $OEM$ folder. dont know what wrong, i did a reinstall of nlite. still error just to say i have alot of space left on the drive. so its not that Kind regards THXMAN
  12. Hi guys, i got it all to work now, thoug RunOnceEx.cmd a far better way i think. here is some of the things i did. i just get an error with malwarebytes. it says MBAM_ERROR_NOT_REGISTERED (0, 0) but why it is a free edtion version. so why REGISTERED. and can i just REGISTERED with any info and how? kind regards THXMAN RunOnceEx.cmd
  13. Hi John i attachs a picture so you can see where i placed my batch.cmd file. file is in the root if the Source folder beside i386. kind regards THXMAN
  14. Here is my Batch.cmd i works fine if i just run it from inside XP kind regards THXMANBATCH.CMD
  15. my new session.ini file is Attachs i did When in nLite, go to the Unattended section, at the RunOnce tab added cmd /R %source%batch.cmd but it do not run at all. And i place my batch.cmd file i the root of the DVD beside i386 and $OEM$. do i run it my self it works just fine. what i am doing wrong. Kind regards THXMAN SIDSTE SESSION.INI
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