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ULs for XP SP3 not good!


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I just downloaded and installed the latest version of WUD and the latest UL list for Windows XP SP3

The main window shows 82 Critical Updates and 13 Important updates if I choose the English version. And the French version shows 64 Critical Updates, no Important updates and it shows the option for the service pack3 !!!!

There's something wrong because I did a clean install on a computer with Windows XP sp3 French and Microsoft's updates shows 115 Critical Updates. That's almost the double as WUD. Also, why is it showing the option for the SP3?? If we've selected the UL list for Windows XP SP3 it means that we already have the SP3...

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I guess you didn't notice the DATE of the ULZ - the FRA version is SEVERELY outdated!

Product / Service Pack Level / Updated


Windows XP Service Pack 2 x86 2008-04-08

Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 2012-07-10


Windows XP Service Pack 2 x86 2008-04-08

Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 2010-03-11

I don't know if this would help or not... The "xxx.ULZ is simply a "xxx.ZIP" that has been renamed. The Contents of the ZIP/ULZ is a "xxx.UL" which is simply a TEXT file (actually an XML file) that can be opened with Notepad. You could TRY:

1 - Rename the ULZ to ZIP

2 - Extract the UL and rename to TXT

3 - Open with Notepad and change all ENU to FRA and save

4 - Rename the TXT to UL and replace original inside the ZIP

5 - Rename the ZIP to ULZ

6 - Place ULZ in correct directory (see website for location)

7 - Run WUD

Please note that the Descriptions, etc, will be in English AND the files may/may-not be downloaded (I have no clue). Also note that the list may/may-not be correct since the Language of downloads will be FRA and not ENU.

HTH - and if you want to volunteer to create a Corrected FRA version for jcarle, he would probably appreciate the effort.

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Hi Submix,

You're right, I didn't noticed the date!!! I've used another apps in the mean time and it worked. I also have manually downloaded all the patches (through the IT mgr section) and I've also made a liste in Word format so I can use it to edit the new UL list. I'll try to make it this week-end and will post an update.


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