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Opening a Tapwave Zodiac 2


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This is a bit of a long shot since I suspect there aren't many PalmOS users here but if anyone knows how to open up a Tapwave Zodiac 2, please give hints!

I unscrewed the back but it's still held in by something and I put enough force on it to slightly bend the metal back cover but it still didn't budge! :unsure:

It's amazing the battery has lasted this long...!

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Hehe, yeah, it does look a bit odd but it's so comfortable to hold! The metal casing has such a beautiful finish to it too.

It's a very well made bit of kit (Too well made apparently :lol:)

Alas the instructions have the same problem as the ones I had found; It doesn't say how to release the clips! I lifted that part but it is held rather firmly in place by the clips still and, as you say, I don't want to break them! (Zod2s are rare as heck now so I can't replace it if I break it!)

Annoyingly I can't even see where the clips would be in the open pic in step 3!

I think I will have to study and probe it a bit more when I have more time on the weekend to see if I can release the clips safely. They must be pretty strong for me to bend the metal slightly when I tried to brute force it! :unsure:

But major thanks for taking the time to search around! I really appreciate it :thumbup

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