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Building first new PC in 10 years


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@dencorso - if that reply was directed at me...


It appears that this is basically an Intel D945GCL which says that it will take 2x2gb, so.... maybe that would be the "real" (unsupported) max. It's not unheard of that a given board will support more that the Manufacture/OEM claims. I'm sticking with the eMachines BIOS though (apparently had Vista pre-installed once - again, mobo and cpu in a one-side-missing box only), so we'll see (in the future).

note - one heck of a time finding specifics on PCB Rev3.1boards - mostly the Rev3.0 show up.


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Hey all,

Just an update. I got all of the parts on Tuesday and assembled most of it then. I finally had a chance to throw in the SSD and the optical drive and installed Windows 7. This was my final build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cuhl

And I think I'm pretty with it. It's blazing fast! Definitely the most powerful machine I've ever had my hands on (apart from a server). :)

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