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Some Services I want to kill

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Hi Everyone, i would like to know which among this services is safe to disable or set to manual

Intel® Capability Licensing Service Interface (HeciServer.exe)

Intel® Content Protection HECI Service (IntelCpHeciSvc.exe)

Intel® Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service (jhi_service.exe)

Intel® Management and Security Application Local (LMS.exe)

Intel® Management and Security Application User Notification Service (UNS.exe)

Intel® Manageability Engine Service (Intel® ME Service) (IntelMeFWService.exe)

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All of them can be safely disabled as they belong to the "Management Engine" functionality as long as you don't need to use those functionalities.

So what happen if i disable them what i lose in funcionality (just wanna know if i need them on a PC Desktop)

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Intel AMT is aimed mainly at Enterprises. You can read about it here:


I never go about and disable those services, since the only one that may be annoying is the one that writes the event logs saying the service isn't started. I imagine that you wouldn't use any of those features if it is just your home computer.

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